Campaña de Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary PC (mod de texturas) | Parte 14

343 Guilty Spark: … And so, any organism of sufficient mass and cognitive ability is a possible vector. 343 Guilty Spark: Is something wrong? Jefemaestro: No, ehm nothing. 343 Guilty Spark: Okay Shall we? 343 Guilty Spark: Unfortunately … I’m not useful for this particular task, 343 Guilty Spark: The Protocol does not allow me to perform such important tasks 343 Guilty Spark: like the re unification of the Index whit the Core 343 Guilty Spark: You must do it Recuperator 343 Guilty Spark: Uhmmm 343 Guilty Spark: That should not happen. Cortana: Oh yeah? Master Chief: Cortana! Cortana: I’ve been locked up here by twelve hours, watching how you aids that thing, for we ru…! Master Chief: Calm down! Is a friend Cortana: A look at you, a eh friend, colleague? Cortana: Do you know what he has almost made you to do?! Master Chief: Yes Master Chief: Activate Halo’s defenses and destroy the Flood Master Chief: That’s why we have the Index in the Control Room Cortana: Is this? 343 Guilty Spark: An Artificial Intelligence? In the Core?. Absolutely unacceptable Cortana: Screw you down! 343 Guilty Spark: What an impertinence, I’ll make you a debugger! Cortana: Are you sure it’s a good idea? 343 Guilty Spark: How dare you, you ah hmm mmmhm Cortana: What ?! Cortana: I have the Index! Shut up and die! Master Chief: Enough! Master Chief: The Flood grow up!, if we activate the Halo defenses, we’ll destroy them Cortana: Do you know how the ring works? Why was it build? Cortana: Halo does not kill Flood, but their food Cortana: Human, Covenant, everything! They eat them all, the only way to stop them is to starve them Cortana: And for that, it is designed Halo, it annihilate all life in the galaxy Cortana: You don’t trust me? Ask him! Master Chief: Is it true? 343 Guilty Spark: More or less, technically this drive has a maximum beam twenty five thousand light years. 343 Guilty Spark: But when the others pass, the galaxy will remain lifeless Spark Culpable 343: Or lifeless enough to feed the Flood 343 Guilty Spark: But you knew that. How couldn’t you know? Cortana: He missed that little detail ah? 343 Guilty Spark: We followed the procedures, 343 Guilty Spark: You have followed me step by step through this crisis, Cortana: Chief, detecting movement … 343 Guilty Spark: Why you don’t what you has done already? Cortana: We have to go! now! 343 Guilty Spark: You asked me, if I could choose, I would do that? 343 Guilty Spark: Upon further reflection, my answer is the same. No choice, the ring must be activated. Cortana: Get us out of here! 343 Guilty Spark: If you do not help me, I find another to do it. 343 Guilty Spark: But I need the Index, gimme the Artificial Intelligence, or I will remove it form you. Master Chief: Not at all … 343 Guilty Spark: So be it 343 Guilty Spark: The head remains, throw the rest Master Chief: Let’s find the captain Cortana: No, it would take much time. Master Chief: Can you think of anything else? Cortana: Teleportation that runs through Halo, that’s how the Monitor moves so fast. Cortana: I learned how to intercept that network Cortana: But each jump requires a significant energy expenditure Master Chief: I think this will not like me. Cortana: But sure I can take it out of your suit without permanently damaging your shields. Cortana: But we can only do this once. Jefemaestro: Do it.

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