“Can I sue someone for breaking up my marriage?”

So yes, the answer is yes and that is something of a surprise to many people because North
Carolina is one of few states that still allows for a lawsuit against a
third party who breaks up your marriage under North Carolina law an aggrieved spouse can sue
the paramour meaning the person who broke up the marriage for alienation of affection and or criminal
conversation. Now, these are not widely recognized causes of action. But they are still viable in
North Carolina and people do file them with some regularity in North Carolina. The two causes of action, they’re tort actions meaning they’re just like a car accident case or
an assault case where you’re suing the other party for money damages for causing you harm. and alienation of affection is what it
sounds like you are suing a third-party for destroying the affection that exists
in your marriage North Carolina essentially recognizes a property right
in the affection that exists in your marriage and if someone wrongfully takes that away they can be sued for money damages now criminal conversation is not at all
what it sounds like. It is neither criminal nor does it hinge on conversation, it is just sexual intercourse. and if it can be proven that the paramour the person who broke up the marriage, had sex with your spouse prior to date of separation in North Carolina then they’re going to be liable for criminal conversation they would be liable for money damages and it will be up to a judge or jury to determine how much you are entitled to

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