Can you marry in Jannah ? The Detailed Descriptions of Jannah (Paradise)

We mentioned last week. That is so pleasurable between the husband and the wife. Well, the spouses as Allah calls them he says spouses in as well, which literally means spouses I Didn’t want to go into detail last week because we have some single men here young people here We have our sisters here and we have married men here as well But i’m too embarrassed to go into detail about the pleasures between the spouses in gender, but allah says in the quran wherever the nafs desires and whatever your eyes Want to taste it? Is there for you in Jannah listen to the expression Allah uses whatever thenafs is the desires that are inside of us the nafs desires For good taste it desires for lustful temptations It desires for all these things right anything that makes you feel good the nufs desires for it So in Jannah Allah SWT tells us everything that the nafs desires you will have it and more and whatever the eye Their last meaning taste once the taste the I can taste different to the way the tongue tastes the I tastes as well So you will have whatever your eye wants to taste in general whatever your nafs wants to tend for in design So there between the spouses the spouse is an unimaginable beauty and We stopped here with a bit of conversation I want to continue from here insha’Allah The conversation between you and her or between her and you between you and him are beautiful the first meeting the First among the first words is Salam greeting of peace there’s nothing better than the word of greeting of peace and the conversations are Many some of the conversations are as follows the spouse man says to his spouse warm In jannah wallahi Everything that I have seen in Jannah You are the most beautiful thing I have laid my eyes on so far and She says to him and there is nothing in general that I have seen that is more beautiful than you till now Basically, you’ve almost seen The majority of the you’ve basically seen what Jannah is made of but obviously there are hidden things that you haven’t seen yet Everything in Jannah is not equal. Nothing in Jannah is equal to the beauty and the taste of your eyes of Seeing one another the spouses except for one thing and today inshallah. I will tell you at the end of the talk what that is the conversations also include words of singing singing words and the one that does the singing first is The wife the spouse woman she sings to her husband the whole Lane now, obviously, there’s no more woman the word woman in general but the the the the description or the terminology Used for the women of Jannah is Hurunain lustrous eyes and that’s basically your wife a restless and there is a hadith in Bukhari and We’ll get to Anna Scher Allah soon That the prophet sallallaahu alayhi wa salem when he was lifted in mirage. He passed by a palace It’s bricks were all gold Said Allah and the Rasul saws LM asked Who is this palace for and they said to him it is for a man from Quraysh The props are seldom thought he’s here. He said or I think this was actually in a dream. He said I Thought I was that man from porush so even the Prophet Elias LM in Jannah in Jannah Caesar Palace and he wishes that it is his There’s nothing that you see in general except that you wish that it was yours oh So solemn is not greedy in this world is most generous However, Alice Mandela has made it so that you can be greedy for it Did you not hear that Allah says in the Quran about the door with her owner? Who hold from what Rahman? They worship their Lord Or supplicate to their Lord had a fear from Hellfire uncommon and out of greed great for what for his gender But also saw seldom sees this palace made of golden bricks He said Wow, he says he thought he thinks it’s him from poor age and then it is said to him No, this is for a marble hot tub of a aloha He said if it wasn’t I remembered the leader of our marble hot dog with Allah and his jealousy for his His honor his spouse and he said if it wasn’t for his leader Said I remembered his leader. Otherwise, I was going to enter the palace What’s the leader? His spouses are in there Yes, I used plural what we’re gonna get to that in a minute. His spouses are in there And I’m not shocked toriana when he he is when he heard this he began to weep Response as I’m asked him. Why are you weeping a homer and He said I like a whore we are a soul Allah Am I going to be jealous for my honor when he comes to you yellow soul, Allah. I will never You’re the I trust you more than myself in other words So if the promised are selling himself desire to enter this palace imagine what would happen to us So these spouses are in there waiting and you are waiting for your husband among the things that she sings for him our national highly dirty Fellow named wouldna we met we we sang this last week as well And among the things that she says We are the eternal we will not die We are the beautiful our beauty will never fade. We are the youthful we will never grow old We are the pure we will never go impure and So on and so forth. So in Jenna, there is no menstruation There is no Postnatal bleeding there is no ill feelings of any sort. There’s no annoyance so if the husband here complains that his wife annoys him or she nags a lot although a wife complains that her husband is One who Annoys her or one who hurts her with words in Jannah. There is no such thing There is no such thing. You know when you’re about to get married you have this imagination in your head the most beautiful husband gonna get them is beautiful wife, you’re gonna get with this and that 100% of the time you never get what you’ve imagined Hummock Allah your dream while in Jannah you dream and guess what you get something beyond your dream So the conversations begin between you and her I remember one brother a speaker who made a joke and Made me laughs of Hanna like to share it with you He said when I go to my palace and I’ve closed the door, I’m going to put do not disturb for a thousand years So no one disturb me Obviously you have a right How would you want to be disturbed your spouses are together and it’s the most beautiful thing so far that you’ve ever had So you spend time Looking at each other speaking together singing for one another Your wife has been clothed with clothing of silk and you have clothing of silk of different sorts and types you might think to yourself this clothing of silk is It just silk. Is that all we get in generous clothing made of silk? What if we want different material my dear brothers and sisters in Islam you are talking about The product of Allah spanner with Allah if Allah tells us clothing of silk then wouldn’t there be Millions of types of silk millions of fabrics of silk You might desire a thick fabric That looks like this and feels like that. You will get it but its material is silk. It’s origin is silk so for example, almost everything we wear it’s origin is either from animals or the soil, but when you wear it There’s a smell like animal. Does it feel like soil does it feel like plants No so when we say silk is a – of the finest origin original finest sources and Here we don’t men are forbidden from wearing silk roses wasallam tells us Asahi hadith whoever wears silk in this world will not wear the silk in general and whoever drinks the alcohol of this world the wine of this world will not drink the wine of Jannah the question now is what if a person enters Jenna they have been forgiven So why should they not eat or have the the wine of Jannah or the silk of the clothing? The hadith from salem explains it where he says except he who repents whoever drinks alcohol and does not repent Whoever drinks also Alka and repents then he will drink the wine of Jannah as well in other words, whoever Wears of the men the silk of this world is forbidden for the men but then repents Will get the silk of jemna in other words so Repenting means you will enter Jannah and wear it when the Prophet I said I’m said you will not wear the silk of Jannah meaning You’ll not enter the jannah you will not drink the wine of generally will not antigen To drink its wine forever enters it nothing is forbidden within your level My brothers and sisters in Islam, then you are given an entree now you have worn your beautiful clothing the clothing of silk actually now that the clothing is of millions and trillions of different types of clothing and Where do you get them from? They actually come out of trees Stranger They actually grow in fruits that come out of trees and the tree which your clothing grows on is called shuttle poober Chikara – tuba the two battery This tuba tree is inside of the river Grows out of the river oval culture of the proper service and the roof of the Prophet asana and there are other trees similar to that called pave that grow out of different places and in this huge tree there are fruits and These fruits within these fruits your clothing is in them so they are preserved untouched and you just point and you You point to your desire and you look at these clothing? It never runs out and the different types of clothing that you have will be there for you So you’re wearing this fine and you got your jewelry on in another hadith a Rasul saw Selim tells us When you look at your spouse your different spouses in gender each spouse has Clothing of different colors beyond What the eye could imagine and they have 70 different types of jewelry’s? Each jewellery has 70 different types of colors. No color is the same as the other type of jewelry so if there is a so she has 70 pieces of jewellery one piece of jewellery has 70 colors in there of different types of what of stones and gems and metal and and so on and so forth the colors in this one is Not the same as the second one and is not the same as the third one is not the same as the fourth one 70 Types, not one of them has the colors the same as not one Color is the same as the other color in the other jewelry, and there are 70 different ones in these 70 different jewelry’s So what can you imagine colors are different types? So that’s just a jewelry That she’s wearing and you are wearing but hers obviously her jury is better than yours because it is the desire of the man to see the beauty on the wife as Much as the desire of the wife to see it on her husband But it’s something special when it comes to decorating the woman and the woman loves to decorate herself Different to the man the man likes to work hard gets a little bit messy sometimes and so on but the wife, you know He cleans up but the wife a little bit more you understand what I’m talking about So the delicacies to the wife in Jena and also to the man but to the wife more So now you are ready what happens you receive an entree your servants come to you Allah Samantha describes these servants in the Quran in Surah tada. I will emanate on regimes na rahmanir rahim’ Yl2 Either ain’t like him winning done If I eat inhibitor, whoo And There will come to you your truth. Meaning they they come and go they come and go To you will down a more solid one young human looking people and You do not desire Any lustful approach to these young looking servants of yours? But there are creatures in Jannah that are beautiful to look at Allah says a there are eight a home when you see them has Savita home you assume Has Savita who know and manthara you will think that they are scattered pearls Scattered pearls everywhere so beautiful light pearls shining and what does a pearl do? What about diamonds? Diamonds have different colors pearls of different colors you see them walking around scattering around and is smiling to you So young servants going around and another verse Allah So Allah says be a curb in WA a berry o’clock what cuts him in mine there. We are carrying with them trays trays full of things in Here Allah says AK web. Which means glasses of wine Or a berry and jars and jugs that you fill the wine with so they fill it for you like waiters Going around for you. They love you. They want to serve you they love serving you In fact, I have been created with the desire to serve you These servants of yours have been created from the beginning with the love and the desire to Serve you Do they never get annoyed of it? They never complain. They never asked for a wage for his Allah who looks after them They never get hungry. There is no need for them. They don’t have a need so there is no oppression There is no oppression In another hadith or another in the Quran and Sunnah. They serve you with fruits. They serve you with entrees and remember the hadith I mentioned last week will receive Special types of meat as an entree and fruit this meat is tendon It is a tender part of what extends from the liver of the whale and known as in the hadith I mentioned last week and One tender piece of that but also Hassan says it will feed be enough for 70,000 people now this is like finger food entree appetizers and the Ones who prepare a four-year are special cookston Allah has created from the beginning as cooks that didn’t acquire this experience over time They are created with that talent from the beginning Then the face has arrived The last week mission the hadith about the yahoodi the Jew who asked the promised are cell and then what is their meal He said it is meat beef from a buffalo that will be slaughtered in general that has been eating from the tender grasses of Jannah You will be fed beef along with all the seasonings and the other things around that you know, and you are served with that so now you sit with your spouse and The angels are with you and the servants are serving you if you don’t want the angels to be there They don’t have to be there. There are moments that you can take private areas to eat your feast such as a huge room made of one pearl a Room made of a pearl is around in the square Allah knows allah allah has designed it but it’s made of one pearl not of many pearls put together one entire pearl and It is hollow on the inside means got rooms. It’s got features. It’s got everything you desire in there is the romantic moments Romantic moments are in that pearl. The meeting romantic mounts are in that pearl and It has corners in there on every corner depending on how many spouses you have. There is a spouse waiting for you When I say spouse I’m talking to the men here more We already addressed the issue of if a woman desires more than one husband in general, but I’m talking today in Relation to that. There is no grey. There is no jealousy. There is none of these ill feelings between the women or between the men Now This meeting moment could be in there if you want to have your face you could have in any room you want There are feasts everywhere in one hadith. It states that there are rooms with 70 different Tables well when I say tables some ugly were to say what kind of tables 70 different, you know laid out meals You choose and you go around and you eat from these meals together It is the most beautiful food you’ve ever tasted You will never get fooled So you won’t get you keep eating but you’ll never actually get full to the point where you can’t eat anymore There’s no such thing in general. You just keep eating and keep eating and The satisfaction is there but you will never get enough of anything you eat You’ll never get enough of anything you drink nor when you get hungry for it. So you say ah, I’m really did You know, I’m really hungry for this I haven’t had it for a long time that you actually you’ll get the desire you say I want this But it’s not the type where you need it. It’s just a pleasure Full-on, you’re just spoiling yourself You will not get tooth decay. You will not get you’ll not choke on your food You will not need to wait until it digests because your stomach hurts from the digestion You don’t need to Go to the toilet afterwards Lah, yeah balloon fel al water when it’s promised ourselves that you’ll never need to urinate in there no never difficut There’s no such thing as digestion One Bedouin our cerro solo then how does the food escape I mean goes in there where does it go? He said salario Selim it comes out of your body in Similar to to Swit but not not exactly exactly sweat more like perspiration it Speers the perspiration out of your body With the smell of musk now when we say Musk That’s just an average common fragrance in general But beyond how many types of Musk’s how many types of smells it purrs? The perspiration comes out of your body from that food in the smell of musk So, you know in this world when you sweat you say go have a shower, man Please don’t approach me to leave out a shower. You’ve got Bo Who’s got Bo in this room people? It’s an unpleasant smell in Jannah you desire This odor it’s no longer a bad odor So this is no need for perfume to put on it comes out of you. You are the perfume itself You eat it you desire it you have the pleasure and then your body itself gives you the perfume you might even want to wish for a certain type of Odor to come out from that food and it will come out The yahood either the jewish man said, okay. So now we eat the meal. What do we have to drink with it? You are actually served You are served with wine and The wine that you drink the wine that you will drink is a non intoxicating wine Allah says in the Quran that they are silver fluss flasks will be passed around and crystal glasses as clear as Silver all filled according to their wishes and they’ll be served a drink flavored with ginger while you’re scum when a fearsome Can-am user. Johansson, Jamie. I Mercenaire Savina Which means You will be given a drink of wine flavored with ginger drawn from a special spring named sake the way sell Sevilla and They’ll be served by ageless young servants who scurry about like pearls scattered around Delight and magnificence will be what you see in every corner. They’ll be clothed in. Lush green silk and rich and rich brocade and will be adorned with bracelets of silver their Lord will provide them with the purest beverages and They’ll be told This is your reward for God has graciously accepted your efforts What is this wine Even kefir says it will not cause them headaches nor will it make them lose their minds? I’ve been Arbor So the Lohan who says that there are four negative aspects of alcohol. He says drunkenness headaches increased urination and nausea and vomiting the Arabs in those days before Islam They stood drink a lot and I knew their wine they loved they won. They make poetry about wine These are four negative side effects of drinking have been our best of the line. Who says that Allah Samantha has purified the wine of Jinnah from all four of these things The people of Jannah will drink a lot of wine, but it will not make them drunk. It will just give them pleasure This is what it does The promise are seldom said the inhabitants of Jannah will eat and drink therein but they will not have to pass excrement to blow their noses or to urinate the food will be digested producing belch or These secretions which will give out a smell like that of Musk. There will be inspired to declare the freedom of Allah From imperfection and proclaim his greatness as easily as you breathe. Meaning you say Subhan, allahi wa bihamdihi Engine and this is as easy as you breathe so you don’t grow gasp for air every day You might enter water and you think to yourself laughter. Do I have to hold my breath? No, you don’t have to hold your breath. You can fly into the horizons and reach places, you know to be afraid of the Condensation of air or oxygen or the lack of oxygen or too much oxygen or anything like that? Your breathing is simple. Your words are simple. In fact, sometimes you forget that you even breathing or that you’re not breathing There’s no need for breathing in general But there is no heartache. There is no displeasure of any of this of such There are more embittered mansions in Jannah Our asses are Salim said the people of paradise will look at the dwellers of lofty mansions superior places in Paris Like you’ll look up and you’ll see that there are mentions higher and better than yours and The way you see them profs are seldom says you will see them like you see the stars in the sky These are people who have gone to a higher place in general and one of the people asked area rasoolallah are these lofty mansions for the prophets which no one else can reach and Precise Ellen replied no while led enough severely or by Allah in whose hands is my life there are four men who built there are four people who believe they are four people who believe in Allah and Also believe in the messenger for Hadi and Muslims, so there could be for anybody any of you work for them There will be high glittering and no one can reach them Abu musa al-ashari another lauren on the rates the Prophet Allah I am said verily for the believers in paradise are tents made of a single Hollow pearl the length of which would be 60 miles long from all sides Their wives being there in the believer will go around them Visit them and they will not be able to see each other meaning the women the wives would not see each other this saw here Oh Jemmy now our brothers and sisters in relation to many wives Why is this so while my dear brothers and sisters? It’s not the same as this world as we said before and The most that a person will receive either Shahada at the martyrs receives 72 of the whole line Why so many and why is the mention of virgins in there well Virginity is something that is desired by men Whether they are Muslim or non-muslim, it is the nature of man and there are many researchers that have done been been been taken care of by people and even non-muslim scientists and people understand the biology of the human being let’s not talk about religion over here Let’s talk about the biology of the person the biology of the man is as such this type of a desire exists within the minds of men and you know of Illegal markets where they use women for prostitution when a yellow-belly and they sell them for the highest bidder. This is true they auction him out and when she is a virgin and The younger she is and the more virgin she and the younger she is and if she is a virgin then she is quadruple the price of any other Woman that they have in this black market this actually exists and no one can deny it But when it comes to saying religion says Virgins in Jannah everybody seems to be now the non-muslim seem to make a big deal out of it This is reality. This is real so when a lot – as virgins, this is something that is rare and in general everything is rare and The women that enter Jannah are virgins as well, but is the virginity the same as here. There is no pain There is no of any of such there’s no displeasure It’s something of a different sort It means purity because a loss is also not go ahead lamb Miyata myth Hanina in some cobbler home Well again, no human being nor jinn has ever touched them before in Jannah So your features your forms the women of Jannah and the women that enter Jannah? They are Recreated and nothing has touched them. Nothing has come close to them Means Allah says virgins they are pure in every sense of the word untouched it just for you and you are just for them Many well it was also the desire of man naturally in this world That you know, there is a desire that exists to have many women and this is something also very normal. It’s not something abnormal It’s not something to be shocked about It’s very normal. But the mind of the man in this world says to himself You know one or two or three or four women as Allah has allowed is enough So the mind tells you that the man restrains himself from that But the desire if you let it go naturally it will desire that So Allah and Allah says if in this world You think of rape you think of fornication you think of adultery? You think of prostitution and all of that stuff then behold you will own men because mostly the men desireless in General you will get this so do not resort to rape do not resort to adultery. Do not resort to fornication Allah dresses the man more why because the man is more prone to do these things in his life on a greater percentage Women are more protective over themselves man is more of an attacker This is the nature of their biology even between husband and wife when it comes to You know intimacy you will see the biology Interpreting what I just said But is there hill feelings? No, it’s not the same as this world and as I said before, I’ve no Khayyam sees the opinion that Women may desire more than one man if they wish some scholars differed, but we leave it at that insha’Allah Todd In general there are rivers Underneath your Palace and there are rivers underneath other palaces and there are rivers that don’t go under your palace But there are four particular rivers that every single person shares in their property How do they run underneath your palace head around then underneath you and there los pantalones But you can see them you can taste them. You can touch them the four rivers are the river of honey the river of water river of milk and the river of wine These are common rivers that are shared by all the inhabitants of Jannah Allah says in the Quran Methanol originated in letting you I then imitate on the example of paradise of what the pious people have been promised we In my ideas what Over here upon That Alicia ravine when her Mimosa In chat paradise there are rivers Of water that will never ever go off, but will never change color rivers of milk that will never Also doesn’t have a use by debt doesn’t ever go off and rivers of wine. That will not make the mind Lose itself and rivers of honey, that will always remain pure forever and ever there’s also a river of kotha a rustle psalm says when I was in the Mirage I Passed by a river that was so beautiful Color is beautiful. But I said that whiter than milk and I put my hand on the water It’s glaring beautiful and I could smell I Could smell a fragrance a fragrance of Musk when I when I tapped it with my hand. He said that is the Musk Well, since our salon was once praying and then he put his hand forward and Then he moved away as if he’s afraid of something then the mists of the Companions ostomy aerosol Allah What is it that you did in your prayer? He said a Bundle of grapes Was shown to me Shown to me. It was from one of the trees of Jannah and I put my hand out to reach it Take one just one grape of that bundle, but then how files also shown to me and I moved away They said the owner saw what would happen if you got that grape he said if I got one of those grapes it would be enough or Actually, that bundle will be enough for all of the people of the world one bundle of grape One Bedouin said ya rasulallah Described to me grapes In Jan they said it grows on a tree called Tauber also to Auburn from the river of Gotha and there’s a lot of description on how huge the branch design how huge the bundles of grapes are and how huge one grape is and the better one keeps asking how Great is a how big is it? And then you finally said to him. How big is one grape? He said this big and then he said, you know, he described him. He said to him have you ever had a huge meal on a faced way you slaughtered so many camels and and You fed everyone. He said what are you saying that that one grape is enough for my whole family my whole tribe He said even more one little grape Just one great so beyond their imaginations is what is in there a Better one once asked the Prophet said in when he was describing John and he said the aerosol Allah, can we farm? So not a Bedouin and then our cielos Allah, can we farm engine? I wanna plant and grace and the prophet sallallaahu Selim He said he smiled He said Raja ‘ln Ana rajala mean illusion is stated an Arab behalf. Is Zahra a man in Paradise? Sought permission from his lord if he complained For coin a level Allah SWA. I said to him our Lister finish it Are you not already in whatever you desire? Whatever you wish what can just happen Carla Bela, he will say yes, my lord. I am in anything I desire well like in your Hebron Ezra for us for Austria Rebelled oh sorry. I read too much of it. Well a key near Hebron Ezra. He said I like to plant a Lot that also sonim says and so he is granted that he plants the seed and he immediately begins to blossom and His eyesight and the growth of his plantation begin to race each other Very quickly And its ripened and it is ready so quickly and it is so far from that one seed that he could see his plantation as much as mountains and Then Allah says during ok Abner Adam for in LA. You should be roca shape So the man goes after all his plantation He sees it the size of mountains and he wants to grab it all and Allah says o son of Adam Nothing is enough for you and Allah is happy about that and he tells us his pleasure his pleasure is saying that I don’t want you to ever be run out of satisfaction will always be satisfied and always get more and Because I’ve created you in a way where you will never get enough and so journey is made for those He will never get enough. He’ll always want more always want more and Then one man a better one said yah rasul allah o allah he this man who’s asked to plant in Jannah I don’t see him except one of the mahajabeen or the unsought he’s not one of us We better ones don’t like to plant. I don’t want to be that and producer Selim laughed fabrica sallallahu alayhi wasallam My brothers and sisters I Did promise you that we’re going to talk about the better thing that you will see in general than the spouse? But I think we’re going to have to leave that for next week because it is the conclusion I wanted to end this whole series with So next week insha’Allah. We will continue this topic you Need to come because it is the most interesting part of our whole series and share a lot for me as well. So next week inshallah we’ll talk about the remainder of the things in gender a few of the miscellaneous issues and Then we will talk about the final pleasure That we are waiting for in general

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    But it is reassuring that you won’t be single in Jannah. I hope to be in the top level of Jannah, no idea how but I’m just doing what’s clear to be right now in terms of good deeds.

  14. assalamu aalaikum, could you please check and correct all the subtitles, which shows entirely wrong.. i believe the person who edit this video, he doesnt understand what you are saying. please recheck the subtitles and reupload. May Allah grant you for your good deeds.

  15. Shaz Aiyub Thanks very much this is very useful as I love cats and dogs. I read the story of the dog /s in Surah Yusuf ? and the dog is counted as a person though as guard of the Cave in the story of the seven sleepers. I think that's so nice. I won't be afraid to stroke cats now thinking they are unclean, I always felt it was mean not to stroke them when they want to come close, and may be I'll get some in the future as I don't agree with keeping just one animal. They need companionship from their own species and it's not fair to force them to get attached to humans, in a one to one attachment, it''s not natural. So thanks much for clarifying this.

  16. Can anyone tell me what it mean when you dream about; your real home is on the top from the Mountain and a prince who is a mail deliverer rings on your door and, when you open the window you see that his face is in the moon and he s also the mail deliverer and put a tree on your door and walk quickly away.

  17. The speaker is wrong when he said he'd finish describing the details of Jennah in the next lecture. "In Jennah there are things which the eye has never seen, the ear has never heard and the mind has never imagined."

    He's also wrong about the women of Jennah. The hoor al ayn are not the women of Jennah. The women of Jennah are the women who struggled and toiled in this life. They're on a completely different and exalted level than the hoor al ayn. The hoor al ayn are humanoid creatures already waiting in Jennah. They resemble Japanese anime caricatures. All the beauty of a single peacock has been placed around just one of their eyes. Allahualem what the rest of them look like!

    The real women of Jennah will feel no animosity or jealousy towards them because they understand that these creatures are not quite human. They can't understand or relate to what it means to be a human who went through this life. These creatures will have absolutely no interest in anyone but the man/woman they were created for. They are completely obsessed with and devoted to their human. Some weak narrations state each man will have 70 or 72 of them. My guess is many many more.

    They are "untouched", meaning they were created in Jennah, for Jennah, and are just waiting (right now) for their assigned human to come to them. My guess is; just as every human has a palace created and waiting vacant for them in Jennah – yet some are never to be inhabited as the human has failed and is damned for eternity. Likewise every human (men and women) have a hoor al ayn waiting, yet because many humans who fail will never see them, maybe those extra hoor al ayn are to be assigned to those who succeed instead.

    The number 70 in ancient Arabic was, as far as I know, just an expression to mean a lot. Allahualem. Makes sense as these heavenly creatures are very much sentient and emotional, unlike bricks and blocks of palaces which don't care if they are lived in or not. So it might not be befitting to leave those extra hoor al ayn lonely in the Kingdom of bliss. These creatures were created for the sole purpose of absolutely loving their human partner, they don't even look at anyone else. You have no idea. Their obsession, devotion and incredible love is something beyond words. It's their living and breathing purpose. The real women will have no jealousy of them, but they might have jealousy towards the real women.

    For the sake of the higher levels of modesty that women have over men, information is limited and scarce about what real women get concerning hoor al ayn. I won't divulge what I know but can tell you there is an equivalent. The human reproductive organs are designed primarily for reproduction and secondarily for pleasure. The male and female humanoid hoor al ayn are designed primarily for pleasure and not at all for reproduction. I'll say no more, ladies.

    Each man will have two spouses of the women of Jennah – the women who pass this test. Not necessarily their dunya wives either. Though in some (romantic) cases that will be the case.

    A hadith mentions a man will spend forty years just gazing at his wife when he sees her for the first time in Jennah.

    May Allah make us inhabitants in His Kingdom, ameen.

  18. So you people think that your supposed paradise is like a sort of buffet…you have a mediocre philosophy

  19. لا تنسى قول :استغفر الله العظيم🗻
                      الحمد لله و الشكر لله🏡

  20. Asalamualaikum I have one question that didn't get answered in this video. What happens to a man (practicing muslim) if he dies without getting married in a young age. Does he get hoor al ayn as the wife or another single sister in the same situation in jannah? I loved this video btw. Alhamdulilah may Allah grant u and all brothers and sisters jannah.

  21. can anyone help me with the link of the next lecture, related to this video, where it is said that something special will be revealed in Jannah.

  22. assalamu alaykom dear brothers and sisters, I have a very important question to ask you guys, if you inshallah end up in jannah but your husband or wife doesn't what happens then???

  23. So we are removed with free will? Because we don’t feel jealousy and hatred? We don’t have bad thoughts and ideas.
    So does this mean we no longer have the free will we have in this world ?

  24. ALLAH is alive
    ALLAH is true
    ALLAH is good
    ALLAH helps me
    ALLAH knows
    ALLAH looking
    ALLAH is love
    ALLAH think all
    Allah give a good way
    ALLAH give all needs things
    ALLAH bless all
    I love you ALLAH
    Thank you so much ALLAH

  25. No I don't get it, why is Bayinnah Productions NOT !! replying to my questions ? Do you not have the answers ? If so say so, be honest.

  26. For all the brothers that's complaining about being a single or not getting the right wife, instead of complaining about it complain to almighty Allah. Purify your soul first with doing all kinds of good deeds, pray more, feed the poor, read the holly Qur'an daily even for a page or half of a page, visit your relatives and the sick patients and etc. I'm sure that when you do khayr or good deeds then almighty Allah will love you more and definitely almighty Allah will accept your prayers. Ask Allah for a good wife and a good family and definitely Allah will give you. But imagine if we do bad things and still we ask Allah for a wife/husband that we don't even know if we would take a good care of her/him, ain't that bad? Let's purify our souls first then ask almighty Allah for a pure soul. Asalamu alaikum.

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  28. i have jinn ashiq in me so I don't think I'll ever be able to get married but I hope I get to have a husband and family in jannah. may ALLAH swt grant us jannah. amin!

  29. SubhanAllah! you are in Jannah! who thinks about getting married?
    so much to see and so mich to know . aren't you going to visit our Rasul SAS or sit with prophet Musa AS to hear his story or listen to how was the jinn nation when they were on the earth or to meet the 10who got the news of Jannah while they were still walking on the earth. wow marriage, is that what comes to mind!

  30. I kind of feel sad. Working so hard in this duniya to go to paradise and then gonna be sharing my man with 70 other women, hoors! And it won’t even bother me as I won’t have any emotions to feel anger or resentment.
    Allah knows best I guess, My Rabb won’t be unjust to me, inn sha Allah ❤️

  31. The 2nd yellow bar in the video gave me a Christianity ad regarding how to stop sinning in a hopeful tone.

  32. This world and everything on it is worth noting. Immortality and sickness have spread everywhere. Everything that is good has become bad and doing good things became hard… May Allah help all Muslims and forgive us our sins and grant us Jannah

  33. I have to disagree with the speaker on his statement at around 29:10. There will no prostitution or rape in jannah. The Quran mentions both spouses will married to one another so how can there be prostitution if you are married? Also rape involves one person forcing another person to do something they don’t want. How can such a thing exist in jannah? It also goes against the idea that both husband and wife love each other. So if they love each other then they will not be any rape among them

  34. If the two persons who love eachother could not be mehram in this world becz one of them died so will they reunite in Jannah?

  35. AMEEN AMEEN AMEEN Yarabi masha Allah Allahamudulilah Allahu Akbar subuhana Allah lahawula Waraquti ilabira IN SHAA ALLAAH

  36. Have a question. So if someone died before getting married in this world? Will he get lesser than those who were married in this world? How does that work. Someone?

  37. I love a boy but he is no more it's one sided love i don't want to get marry i want to live for him but is it right or not? Please tell me please…………………..

  38. Assalam walaikum brother and sisters i have a question 🙂 Can someone tell me is this possible? I love a girl and she loves me in the same way Our relation is too much Deep… But due to same age relationship and family issue we can't get married in this world.. What if we promise (wada) at each other that we will be for each other at Jannah? Will Allah qubool our dua? What if i die unmarried and she dies married but at the end of life we still love at each other somehow can we able to marry in jannah? What if her husband want her too in jannah?? What if She dosent want him? What if we both want us? I am really depressed now for now a year and Yes we promised (Wada) each other we will meet and marry there but…In this world she is sacrificing her life for her parents desire she still Doesn't want any man except me……… May Allah keep her parents good 🙂 but brother and sister we really love each other and we really want each other either this world or in jannah hope i will get any positive reply
    May Allah bless peace upon you all

  39. allh gives us all in jannah and i still dont change someone personally help i want to change but i dont have clear path to walk too allahu akbar show me a path show me peace in this world

  40. Can someone tell me if the wine in Jannah is the same wine in this world? As alcohol in this world makes one drunk. So will drinking alcohol and taking drugs in Jannah have the same effect but be acceptable?

  41. A question..we men in jannah if we get there IA we will have a choice to marry etc but we're do the women stand example her husband is in jannam so we're will she stand and those who were widowed ie there husband was martyred but she being young married we're will she stand will she be marrying the martyr or her 2nd husband?

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