Canada Day 150 // Canada’s 150th Anniversary Celebration

– My name’s Chris Hadfield and
you are watching Average Row. (upbeat music) – Today is Canada Day,
but it isn’t any normal Canada Day, it’s Canada’s 150th birthday and there’s all sorts of
celebrations and parties going on in each town
and city across Canada, but I’m fortunate enough to be in Ottowa, which is the nation’s capital and here, like, all of the roads
going into the downtown core are blocked off and there’s
crazy things happening at Parliament Hill and the Byward Market and every single part of downtown. So I’m very glad that
I get to be here today to be in this huge
celebration of my country and to share with you guys
why Canada is so special. – [Narrator] Flashback. – So, we’re on a big double
decker bus right now, heading downtown, and the
reason that we’re taking the bus is because all of the
entrances to downtown are blocked off, so we can’t drive there, and this is really neat. I’ve never actually been
in a double decker bus but there’s a really cool view here. It’s quite a rainy day. So we made it downtown and as you can see the police presence here is very strong, so now it’s time to go through security to get to Parliament Hill. So, we’re waiting in line to
get up to the Parliament Hill and this is probably the biggest line up I’ve ever seen in my life. It’s gonna take a little while, but we’re gonna do it
because Parliament Hill is one of the places
that we need to go, so. (crowd chattering) Still waiting. So we’ve been in line
for about an hour now, we’re still waiting, we still
have quite a ways to go, but we’re gonna do it to
get to Parliament Hill, it’s gonna happen. (crowd chattering) (crowd cheering and clapping) (helicopter blades whirring) So we’ve been in line for
almost two and a half hours and it looks like we’re missing the opening ceremony at Parliament Hill. It’s not the end of the
world, but this line has sort of formed into
a giant clump here, so there’s nothing we can really do, but still, we’ll still be
able to see the air show. (crowd chattering) We’ve been in line for almost three hours and the ceremony has already started, but we’re past the point of no return so we’re going to get into
Parliament one way or the other, so just gotta keep waiting. (crowd chattering) So we just made it through
the first line of security, now we’re heading down, hopefully we can get to Parliament Hill very soon, but the line just picked up
like that and we were in. Let’s keep going. So we finally made it through security, we’re in the main area and (crowd clapping and cheering) there’s a big stage over there. We’re on this road, there’s a huge section that’s just, it’s just for people who get through security and
we’re able to look around and do some pretty crazy things, so. (announcement in foreign language) – [Male] Happy Canada Day. – (speaking in foreign language) Canada, happy birthday, Canada. (crowd cheering and clapping) (instrumental music) (upbeat music) – We made it all the way to
the front of this big crowd at the show, we just
saw Walk Off the Earth, which is one of my
favorite bands right now. Justin Trudeau was up
here, the Governor General, a bunch of really cool
people, and they introduced the two newest astronauts, which are, newest Canadian astronauts,
which was crazy. So we’re up at the front,
we have good seats, and we’re just waiting for
more of the show to go on. (upbeat instrumental music) – [Narrator] End of flashback. – So right behind me is Chris Hadfield and he is one of the most
famous Canadian astronauts. I just saw him and it blew my mind, but there’s him and then
there’s also those two new Canadian astronauts right there, so that’s a really neat thing. (upbeat music) Commander Hadfield! – How are you guys today? Do you want a picture? – Yeah, that’d be great. – Go ahead, stand there. (camera shutter clicking) – So we’re leaving Parliament Hill now, I had a great time. We weren’t here early enough
to see the opening show, which sadly was because of security and usually I try to keep my
vlogs pretty positive, but the security and
just the line up waiting was absolutely terrible,
but I still had a good time. We got to the very front
of the crowd for the show, I got to see Justin
Trudeau, Prince Philip, I got to see the Governor General, also Walk Off the Earth and they’re
a band that I really like. And also the two newest
Canadian astronauts, so some pretty crazy things,
but now we’re heading to different parts of
downtown, because there’s a lot more to check out. Oh my God. We’re in the Byward Market right now. ♪ Hey, hey, hey ♪ (upbeat techno music) So I’m at the The King
Eddy burger and this is my favorite restaurant
in Ottawa and there’s quite a line up going into
it because it’s Canada Day but it’s worth the wait. (upbeat music) – [Narrator] Two hours later. – So we’re front row and we’re waiting for the Mother Mother concert to start. This big storm is rolling in right now, so we have the poncho back on, umbrellas at the ready,
but I still cannot wait to see this concert. (shouting in foreign language) (raindrops splashing) It’s pouring right now, all the water is falling off the top of the
concert stage right onto us, so I’m trying not to get too over wet. So it’s the next day and I
had a blast on Canada Day and there were a lot of things
that I was hoping to see that I didn’t end up
seeing, but then there were a lot of things that I
didn’t think I would see or I didn’t even know were
going on that I did see. And it was super, super
interesting and I did have a really good day, but one of the things that really stood out
to me was the resilience in Canadian people,
because yesterday in that massive line up going into security, which is understandable
considering what goes on in the world today, but in that line up people were still laughing and being happy and joking and just enjoying themselves, even though they were in
a line for hours on end. And also, while I was
waiting for a concert that never ended up happening
because of the weather, people were standing there in the rain, laughing and joking about it and then they started singing Oh Canada. (crowd singing) ♪ Canada we stand on guard for thee ♪ ♪ Oh Canada we stand on guard for thee ♪ (crowd cheering) And then after the concert wasn’t going on for like 15 minutes, other people started entertaining the people of the concert by doing a massive mudslide on the ground and just they found something else to entertain themselves with. (crowd cheering) This guy’s crazy! It just showed me how
resilient and patient and just kind and friendly Canadians are. Recently a YouTube channel
called Collective Iris asked me to submit a
video where I tell them what makes me happy and I love that video, it’s a great concept, so
I’ll put a link right up in the corner if you’re interested, make sure to go check it out. And I really liked that concept so much that I wanted to do something similar, so I reached out to a
bunch of fellow Canadians and some Canadian YouTubers and asked them what do they love about Canada. – Hi, my name is JR Ali. – Dan King. – My name’s Rob. – My name is Cam Jones. – My name is Tyson. – What I love best
about Canada is probably summed up in one of the
lines of our national anthem. It says God keep our
land glorious and free, and I don’t know if you’ve
looked outside lately, but we live in one
glorious part of the world. Whether it’s the Atlantic
or Pacific, whether it’s up north, whether it’s
the Rocky Mountains, the Prairies or the Great Canadian Shield or anywhere else in
our country, we live in a beautiful, beautiful place. – I swear Canada has some of
the nicest people in the world. Like, I have been to
multiple different countries and when you come back
you’re always, just like, ah, it’s like a breath
of fresh air getting to talk to a fellow Canadian,
going to Tim Hortons, getting a little coffee, catching up. People are just so kind
and I think that is what allows such a diverse
community to work well together is the overall kindness of
the country and the love that Canada shows within its own country and then to other
countries around the world. – I love Canada because of,
there’s a lot of cool animals and they’re really cool and cute. – Canada is a country that
prides itself on diversity and inclusiveness, no matter
what race, religion or gender. I’m proud to call Canada my home, because it’s the country I grew up in. From east to west, from
the Rocky Mountains to the cityscapes, Canada has it all. – The other thing I love about
Canada is that it’s free. We’re free to pursue friends
of whatever ethnicity we want, we can practice whatever religion we want, we can go to school for whatever we want, we can do whatever job we want. This is a land of opportunities,
it’s a land of freedom, it’s a beautiful country. – We have the coolest and
the kindest people out there and that’s a great combination. – I think what Canada means
to me is that it’s home and what’s so special about Canada is that it’s not just home to
me, it’s home to so many different people from so
many different walks of life. Canada is an incredibly diverse country, with different cultures represented, different geographical
regions and landmarks and landscapes and I think the fact that we’re able to all live happily and safely in Canada together where
we can share ideas, share our different cultures
is really, really special. – For me, following my
passions is something that I hold really close to me. This is a country where
your dreams can come true, where if you work hard
enough, no matter who you are, you can do what you love. I will always be happy
to call Canada my home. – [Narrator] Epilogue. – I didn’t get to see the
Snowbirds, I didn’t get to see Bono from U2, I didn’t get to see the Prime Minister’s opening
speech, I didn’t get to see Mother Mother and I didn’t
get to see the fireworks, but I did see fellow
Canadians getting together and having a good time despite
the long security lines and the bad weather. So guys, if you enjoyed
this video make sure to leave a like down below,
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bell so that you don’t miss anything in the future and
I’ll see you guys next time. (“O Canada” by Calixa Lavallée)

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  1. Love the insightful videos you do on life in Canada. Some of my best friends on social media are from Canada, including yourself. Great video! 😎👍

  2. Awesome vlog, very well done. I heard that the lines started at 5:30 in the morning, so I watched the morning part of the show on the CTV online stream. I went downtown and did the non-security check stuff probably around the same time as you. I'm curious how long it took you to get back onto the Hill the second time. I went up to some people in line in the mid-afternoon, and they said they had been waiting an hour. They probably had another 45 minutes to go until they got in. I decided not to get in line because I had some people with health issues with me and they couldn't stand that long, which was super unfortunate. We decided to drive to Gatineau, and we had a great view of the fireworks from over there. They had screens set up in their park by the water, so we could see the end of the concert on the Hill main stage.
    I actually went through the whole security check thing on Sunday for WE day, which was probably a much better experience. I don't think most people knew about the celebration, so I walked right up to that first tent because the crowds weren't crazy. That was a good celebration as well. Justin Trudeau came back, Chris Hadfield spoke again, Gord Downie from the Tragically Hip spoke, plus a ton of other people. Also the Barenaked Ladies, Nelly Furtado and Hedley (plus many others) played, so it was a pretty good show.

  3. this was such a great video! i didn't make it downtown on canada day but i felt like i did thanks to your video! 🙂

  4. so happy to be apart of this, what a great celebration for Canada's 150th birthday! great video dude 🙂

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  7. Great video you are very likeable and should have a future in broadcasting. But for facts sake it was Prince Charles not Prince Phillip…but I understand the confusion. By the way I was 6 hours in line but I wouldn't have miss Ottawa for the world.

  8. What a Joke !! The Canadians must go through the Security Check Point in order to Celebrate Canada Day .. While Your Prime Minister Trudeau invited the Terrorists with open arms coming to Canada. What an Insult to All Canadians !!!

  9. Hey I just wanted to say that your videos are really cool and positive. I'm really good friends with your cousin Emma and might actually be seeing you when you come to visit Emma this month

  10. Your video brought back memories. I originally emigrated to Canada from England. On a city tour in Ottawa the host told us Canada had plans to make Ottawa the most beautiful city in the world. I have no way to know if that goal was achieved. What do you think? Despite the challenges, you were so upbeat and made the best of the cards you were dealt. I enjoyed seeing Justin with his family in tow. The segment where Canadians told what they like best about Canada made me feel like returning back. The US is definitely not like that. This was a wonderful video Row! EddieB

  11. Excellent video!! You were very brave and determined to get through that 3 hour security line-up. I am from Ottawa and I doubt if I would have tolerated that long of a wait. But then, I am 63 years old, LOL!

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