Canadian Artists Celebrate Seeds!

seeds are important to me because all
the world’s food begins with a seed. seeds are important to me because our
agricultural security depends on it. Seeds are important to me because they hold enormous biodiversity going back thousands of years future generations need these seeds. because our children need these seeds. maintaining diversity in seeds means we
keep nutrition in our food. because as a father of three kids I know how important good seeds are for providing healthy food for my family because biodiversity tastes good support farmers who save seeds. seeds are the key to food security buy locally farmed food know where your food comes from everyone can be a seed saver. Everyone. Are you a seed saver? Are you seed saver? Are you seed saver? I’m Amy Millan I’m Tim Kingsbury of Arcade Fire. My name’s Jim Cuddy. I’m Bruce Cockburn. I’m Ian Thornley from Big Wreck. hey I’m Tim Baker I’m Leslie Feist and I’m a seed saver. I’m Sam Roberts. I’m a seed saver.

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