Candace Ditches Dinner with Charles | Tyler Perry’s The Haves and the Have Nots | OWN

Wow, you, um– you look stunning. Good, since I was
forced to be here. Forced? Yeah. Nah, that’s not true. (INHALING) Well, then you
should tell that to Landon and your other flunkies. [MUSIC PLAYING] Listen, they’re–
that’s my team. I just let them do
what they want to do. I see. How are you? [SIGH] Can I have some wine, please? The bottle? We’re being watched. You want me? This is me. You should be glad I’m not
ordering the entire bar. I see you haven’t
changed at all. You’d have to know me
to know that I’ve changed. Yeah. Maybe this was a bad idea. So let’s just enjoy this meal,
and we’ll go our separate ways. Thank you. Sure. (SIGHING) Can
I just leave now? Yeah. [MUSIC PLAYING] I thought you was leaving. What will you do if I leave? What? Just what I said. You’re free to go. No circumstances? (SCOFFING) None. Landon told me
about the other girl. What other girl? The girl who said no. What happened to her? I don’t know. Landon didn’t tell me,
but I could tell it– it wasn’t good by his tone. Candace, are you afraid? No, not– Then leave, and don’t think
about what he said at all. OK. Fine. [SIGH]

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