Candidates With Bold Ideas Are Surging In Democratic Primary

Well, let’s, uh, let’s move on to something
that actually is worth, uh, you know, kind of, not necessarily fighting about but debating.
And that is obviously this massive crop of, uh, candidates we’ve got right now in the
Democratic Party. And, uh, you know, earlier in the show I actually spoke with Ben Dixon
and, and it’s true, there is a lot of, of vitriol on, on Twitter. You know, we, we see
it, we see these people a lot of times wanting to relitigate 2016. They get, they get personal,
they get ugly. And this is coming from everywhere. But there is plenty of room to have sane,
rational debate about these people running for president on the democratic side. And
it would be better to see people engaging in that kind of activity rather than just
saying, nope, I’m, I’m never going to a, ever, ever listened to you because I don’t like
you. And now I don’t like your candidate because I don’t like you. I mean, we see that far
too often. But that’s the preface. And I do want to talk about the candidates right now.
So we’ve had some good polls come out in this week. Uh, you know, Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth
Warren tied for first in the Monmouth poll. Uh, Bernie’s, uh, Biden, excuse me, uh, in
third place. Just one point behind them. Other polls still showing Biden ahead. When do you
think Biden’s dropping out? Man, I think I’m terrible at predictions,
but if I had to guess, just based on the trajectory, I think he’s going to be there until Iowa.
I think he’s hanging on until New Hampshire. I think that Super Tuesday is the day where
this is really going to come down to like the top two, top three candidates. And it’s
kind of shaping up. Like, I don’t want to speak too soon, but it seems like this is
shaping up to be a race between Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, which is fantastic.
You know, these are the better candidates in the race. There’s a lot of pretty solid
candidates running, but um, you know, it would be nice to see Joe Biden drop out because
out of all of the candidates, I feel like he would probably be the weakest choice against
Donald Trump. And I understand that early polling is showing that he does perform relatively
well against Trump, you know, in these hypothetical match-ups. But at the same time Hillary Clinton did at
this point in the race as well. And when it gets to that general election and you can
no longer hide and you have to face the media, I just feel like we need someone who will
excite the base, not go after Republicans and moderates. We need someone to recognize
that we are in a polarized political environment. And what you have to do is play to your strength,
get that base out, get them excited, register new voters. And really the people who can
do that are the left wing candidates. So I really, the sooner the better. And you know,
that’s my response to Joe Biden in terms of when he’s going to drop out. I don’t know
when he will drop out specifically, but, um, I just, you know, I see, I, I’ve said this
on my program before, you know, we are all on the s s Biden ship and it’s as big as the,
and there’s an iceberg straight ahead. And look, this is the way I’m thinking about.
Um, 2020 is not a presidential election. This is a supreme court election where Ruth Bader
Ginsburg is hanging on, presumably for dear life. And I don’t want Donald Trump to fill
that seat. Um, and it’s a little bit selfish, right? Because of course I care about Ruth
Bader Ginsburg’s health, but I also care about who controls the supreme court. So to me,
this is basically about survival. This is about climate change. This is about just making
sure that we don’t get another four years of Donald Trump, which would be just disastrous.
So anyone who I see who has red flags, who won’t excite the base I’m speaking out against,
and people think that that’s overly divisive. You’ll see a lot of centers, democrats, celebrities
denounced that. I don’t care. I don’t want Donald Trump to win again. So I’m sorry Joe
Biden, you’ve got to go. You know, and see, that’s, that’s a lot of,
you know, my, my, my point here too, is we do have to call these people out for their
flaws. And if they’re not good enough, it’s not just saying that this person’s awful,
it’s, you’re really bad on these issues. You can either get better or you could not be
in the race anymore, but you have issues as a candidate that in the long run is going
to cost you daily. And you have too many people who take that personally. You know, these
people out there who, who support the candidates so deeply that any criticism of their policies,
which is what this is, this is policy criticism. They, they take it as you just insulted, you
know, they’re their own family member. And, and I, I don’t want to get too bogged down
in the minutia, but you know, I, I’ve said a couple things that, you know, we’re not
necessarily wonderful about some of Andrew Yang’s policies. I don’t hate Andrew Yang as a person by any
stretch of the imagination, but I, I don’t think ubi is a magic bullet for the United
States. And, and that kind of statement is going to get you swarmed on Twitter. Um, you
know, the, and it’s disappointing because you have to understand that whoever it is
you support, they’re not without flaws. Right? I mean, everybody has flaws. Elizabeth Warren,
I Love Elizabeth Warren starting to see more and more flaws that are making me not, not
as happy as I was with you, you know, a month ago or six months ago. So we have to accept
that. But what we do with that is then say, okay, candidate, you have to be better than
this. You have to do better. And that, that’s a lot of what we do when we call these people
out. It’s not just to say your bad, it’s can you get better than this? That’s exactly right. And it’s why we always
have to stress, this is not about personality. This is about policy. That’s all that this
is about. Like, even Bernie Sanders, he’s my number one choice by a mile and a half.
But there are areas where he needs to improve. One of those areas was reparations. When he
first was about it, I was cringing, you know, so they’re, these are areas that are there
for us to criticize the candidates so they can improve, not to break them down. It’s
about really building them up. And it’s funny that you say that about Andrew Yang. I just
put out a video today about Andrew Yang in, I can already see the downvotes and it’s not
like he’s a bad person, it’s just that there’s area for growth. And even if I don’t support
him, I do think that ubi can potentially be a solution. But when Andrew Yang came on my
show, um, I was critical of him and I asked him, is it really fair that my dad, who’s
on social security has to choose between ubi and the social security that he paid into
his whole life, where someone who makes $100,000 per year just gets that extra thousand and
they don’t have to make that choice? Is that really fair and that criticism was
not intended to point out how horrible Andrew Yang is. I wanted him to improve and a month
or so later he did, you know, adjust his ubi. No, I still don’t want it replacing any of
our social safety net. But I think that these criticisms, they’re constructive. Like on
the left we care about policy, you know, we’re glued to the policy substance and even if
we support Bernie Sanders and we have these, you know, these biases in favor of certain
candidates over the others, at the end of the day, if somebody is going to be a fit,
you know, a flawed candidate to a degree, but they’re still going to promote a policy
idea that could potentially elevate it. Marianne Williamson with regard to reparations as an
example, you know, I do think that that’s important. So I’m trying to, we’re trying
to build them up, not break them down because we want to do more than just elect a candidate. We do want to change national discourse and
I think that that’s what this is about. If you basically mute yourself in self-censor
and say, well, you know, I like Andrew Young, so I can’t criticize any aspect of ubi ever.
I mean, well, what’s the point? If you truly care about ubi, understand that this is, you
know, we need to have a robust conversation. Ubi can be implemented in a very left-wing
way. It can be implemented in a very right wing way, which could act as a Trojan horse
to get our social safety net, which I don’t want, you know, so these are the discussions
that we have to have, and you, you know, it’s not an election if people don’t go at each
other’s throat. Two are generally allies. So it’s par for the course. And, you know, I, I hope that, that the discourse
does continue. You, I, I would like to see people maybe not, uh, throwing their vitriol.
You know, at those of us on the left there, there’s plenty of people on the right. And,
uh, you know, maybe some people disagree with me on this, but you know, that that’s where
we need to direct the real, actual anger. Uh, you know, they’re, they’re enacting horrible
policies. Trump’s trade war is destroying farmers livelihoods across this country. We
have children locked in cages and now they want to lock them in those cages indefinitely.
So maybe, maybe we save those really harsh criticisms, you know, those, those horrible
words for the people who support that, not the person who, you know, is disagreeing with
your candidates stance on this particular issue. We can debate those all day long and
we should. But the vitriol, there’s people who deserve it, but it’s not us on the left
here, you know, I really think we need to work on where we’re directing the anger and
work on policies within our party. And to an extent, honestly, it’s, it is better than
it was. It is much better than it was. People are understanding that and you do see these
great policy debates, but when people start speaking in absolutes, like with the electoral
college saying that, nope, this is a dumb idea, we have to keep the electoral college
and you’re stupid. If you think we should abolish it, you just lost me there. Cause
you’re clearly not open to any kind of criticism or intelligent, uh, back and forth on the
issue. Oh totally. I absolutely agree. And you know,
this Democratic Party, civil war, it’s going to be an ongoing thing. But one thing that
I’ve kind of become a lot more cognizant of is that, you know, while we’re bickering,
Republicans are in fact, you know, they’re becoming more powerful. Trump has stacked
the judiciary, so it’s okay for us to hash out these disagreements. But at the same time,
we can’t allow Republicans to get a pass, you know, to squeak by and continue to ruin
not just the country but the planet. You know, I mean Donald Trump is saying nothing while
Gyrebull Scenaro is getting into these petty, back and forth with Emanuel McCrone about
the, you know, the Amazon rainforest right now while it’s burning. So, you know, we have
to basically walk and chew gum at the same time. And I think that in 2019 going into
the 2020 cycle, I do feel a little bit better knowing that, you know, the left isn’t just
kind of ignoring the Republican Party. We’re having our debate, but at the same time, we’re
also keeping an eye and you know, holding Trump’s administration accountable. You know,
there’s been a lot of solidarity I think for this impeaching Donald Trump movement that
we see, you know, and everyone is kind of, you know, directing their ire towards Nancy
Pelosi on, you know, all sides of that Democratic Party, civil war. Um, so, you know, little
things like this that I feel a little bit, um, optimistic about. Although, you know,
my level of optimism will hinge on the 2020 election and that outcome mostly, well, you know, let’s, let’s hope the polls
keep moving in the way that they’re moving. Uh, let’s hope right now, the thing I love
the most is the fact that the biggest thing happening in the primary is that Elizabeth
and Bernie seem to have some kind of, you know, policy competition happening. And that
is the kind of thing that has been sorely missing from democratic politics for, for,
you know, 20 years at this point. They’re trying to fight with one another to see who
can come up with the most comprehensive. And it’s not really a fight, but you know what
I mean? You know, here’s my criminal justice reform plan. Well, here’s my plan. Well, here’s
my environmental plan. Well, here’s my environmental plan. They’re not arguing that you’re not
electable or that I’m better than you. It’s, I think my policy can go further. I think
I can help more people with my policy. And that’s the most refreshing thing happening
in politics today, to me at least. Oh, 100% you know, it’s to see them go tit
for tat on something that benefits us, like who’s going to benefit us more? I love this.
Like when Elizabeth Warren came out and she announced her student loan debt cancellation
plan, I said, this is phenomenal. I have been begging Bernie as a supporter to do something
about student loan debt. You know, making college free is phenomenal. That’s a great
solution. But for those of us already burdened with student loan debt, you’ve got to do something.
So she came out with that first and then my reaction was to praise Elizabeth Warren and
then say, okay, Bernie, she left you a little bit of room. She’s not canceling 100% and
then you know, Bernie Sanders came out and canceled, you know, 100% and to see them go
back and forth like this, this is exactly the result that we could ever hope for from
a primary. And you know, comparing this to 2016 the difference is night and day when
you know it was these a smears. All Bernie supporters are Bernie Bros and you know, the
sexist attack like to see real policy substance. It makes my, you know, nerd heart just feel
so warm. I love it. It is wonderful. And you know, both of those,
a student debt cancellation plans are better than Harris’s, which, you know, I can’t even
remember all the stipulations you have to hit in order to actually qualify for her partial
student. It’s insane. And that’s why, you know, I mean Harris Booker Beto O’Rourke to
me the most, I don’t want to say most spectacular, but probably the weirdest thing is how spectacularly
those three have just almost disappeared. And I know Harris is still in fourth place,
but that’s a distant, a distant fourth, you know, virtually tied with, you know, Buddhajudge
who’s six months ago, nobody in this country knew who he was and for her to be, you know,
that low almost a about to be passed by Buddhajudge. That to me is remarkable. These hardcore establishment
folks just absolutely falling off the radar and I think that is a good sign as we head
to or get closer, excuse me, two a to Iowa here. Yeah, I agree with that because it demonstrates
to me that we were correct when we said that voters care about policy and they just cannot
compete with the policies that are being put up by Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren
and they, you know, they know what is and isn’t going to get them. You know, the support
of the Democratic Party electorate. We’ve kind of seen this with Camilla Harris where
she was seemingly a strong proponent of Medicare for all at the start of her campaign and now
she’s essentially backed off and now she’s in favor of a type of pseudo glorified public
option. I don’t even know what it is because you know, she thought that she would be able
get the praise that Bernie Sanders gets, for example, by supporting Medicare for all. But
also, you know, kind of mute her biggest critics and saying, oh well you want to eliminate
private insurance. So she thought that she could have her cake
and eat it too. But people are married to the details and she’s not talking to people
like people don’t care about their private health insurance. So she thought that proposing
a medicare for all plus private would help her. It actually showed people that she is
a flip flopper. So when people are this, you know, attentive to the various specific policy
details, it really is heartwarming to see that because you know, I knew that people
cared about the policies, but to know that they’re this, you know, I’m worried about
the details. I’m concerned with the very specifics about the role of private and public, you
know, insurance just for that one example. It’s great to see, you know, it shows that,
you know, people know who is and isn’t the real deal. And I really liked that. You know, another thing is I still believe
that we are in this antiestablishment mindset. People realize that the status quo, anyone
who is promoting this idea that we need to keep the current, you know, neo liberal establishment
in place, they’re just not going to get that much steam because I think that Democratic
Party primary voters, they know more than Republican Party primary voters. So Donald
Trump, he could easily say, I’m a populist. I care about the little guy. And nobody really
looks deeper than just his rhetoric. But you know, on the left we kind of had this pseudo
populous and Barack Obama and so now we’ve been burned. You know, he was more of a centrist
and now we realize, okay, we have to look at the very specific policy details as well
as the campaign contributions that we’re taking. So there’s all of these things that we’re
looking out for and you see that people, they care about the policies. And since people
can’t compete with Bernie Sanders and even Elizabeth Warren, we’re seeing them slowly
but surely decline in the polls. And you see the attempts by mainstream media to prop up
these candidates. You know, the glowing Chris Solicitpeces of Pete Buddhajudge. But it’s
not helping because you can just tell, you know that they aren’t willing to change the
system to the extent that Bernie wants to. And, and, and that’s what has to happen. That
is the only thing that’s going to fix what is wrong with this country today is broad,
systemic, structural change. Anything short of that, it’s not going to do what we needed
to. Mike Figaredo host of the humanist report, amazing show, amazing guests. Thank you very
much for talking with us today. We’ve, we definitely gotta do this more frequently. Absolutely. Thank you for having me. Farron
it’s been a blast.

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  1. people want change. the establishment does not. we are tired of the same old policies benefitting the 1% at the expenses of the rest of us. Bernie is that change!!

  2. It's still a shame that Tulsi or Williamson didn't make the 3rd debate stage. I mean, with Warren, Sanders, Yang, and (to a lesser extent) Castro already on the stage it would have been nice having so many Progressive voices going up against the moderate and conservative democrats currently at the top.

  3. Just because Sanders and Warren are in a head-to-head with Biden doesn't give us permission to slack off. We need to hammer home the reality that Biden would be a disaster and the best way of losing to tRump again. We need to fight and fight hard. We can't take the chance of the DNC screwing us over again.

  4. Sanders and Warren are my top picks. We can’t afford more incremental change, we need bold progressive change. I will say it’s disgusting and disappointing that Tulsi, Yang, or even Williamson didn’t get a fair shake. DNC and corporate media screw up yet again.

  5. Corporate America has had their bought and paid for politicians and lobbyists for the last 4 decades or more…time to change the hands of power back to the people.

  6. Biden will continue with the same old thing draining our wealth into non-ending wars, we need the money here to help the elderly to cope with escalating medical cost, students with their heavy loads of debt. and infrastructure.

  7. I've got to say something on behalf of Kamala Harris to clear up on her  healthcare plan.
    Kamala Harris on Healthcare (details)
    Medicare for all but people can keep their plans for the first ten years. A ten year phase in. Many people want to know that they have an option to keep a private plan. A private option. The plan is to allow the private companies to comply with the plans that will be put into place for who will be part of our Medicare system. For example, they can no longer be about raising the deductibles and copays… It will be the case that regardless of whether you have a private care plan or Medicare plan when you walk into that office you don't have to lay down you credit card, you lay down you Medicare card.
    Employers right now offer their employees a private plan. I am separating the employer from your healthcare so you have the option of signing up with a private plan with Medicare. So, it's not going to be through your employer. So if you leave your job you don't have to change you healthcare plan. Many people are stuck to their jobs because they want to keep that healthplan.
    That should not be the case in America especially when forecasts show that many of today's jobs will not exist in the future. Also, a lot of people are changing employers more frequently. It used to be that you finish school and go work in one place until you retire. That is no longer the case.
    And no one should have to worry about losing their job or changing their job and lose their healthcare.

    So this is Kamala Harris's healthcare plan and It's good enough for me so and the fact that she's the strongest debater leaves her in first choice to debate Trump. I transcribed this from her talk with Anderson Cooper. In addition, Tulsi Gabbard was a medic in the armed forces. Soldiers were brought to her for treatment. She was not on the front lines shooting at the enemy. And when Tulsie criticized Harris for not using exculpatory evidence… It was the law that Harris followed, furthermore, that was one case she cited. It's clear from the debate that Tulsie Gabbard has no administrative experience or skills to manage systems on a large scale.
    In conclusion,  Kamala Harris will wipe the floor with Trump. When I saw Kamala Harris question AG Barr I knew she was the one to take on Trump. Tulsi Gabbard would go limp in a debate with Trump. Kamala Harris would interrogate Trump like a prosecutor. Kamala Harris will wipe the floor with Trump.

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  11. The good thing about this many great candidates is that most of them will probably end up as cabinet appointees in the new Democratic government when we win the senate and white house, or at least in important positions that will move us forward. Thank you for all you do………..

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    In order to separate the two we haft to take a deep dive into exactly what each one of them are proposing. Like the old saying goes the devil is in the very fine details.

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  16. Only a polyglot (a person who speaks multiple tongues, for those who have no understanding of Greek) will change this nation. Focus on diversity first, then worry about the economy.

  17. What they must remember above all else, is that each of them are a team together, and each will be and have an important role and part together in the future as direction, even if they do not make it into the top 3, they still must support one another and be a team together after the election. As each are important as a team of leaders together as the driving force for the future, for the people, for the nation, for the planet. Be a team together and work together with all leaders republican and democratic leaders together in the future that is the most important thing in building a future together.

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  22. Oh and one last comment. Like is stated previously on my comments. About the need to go after political, corporate, and officials of government. Tulsi has proposed writing legislation to make all three accountable in the eyes of the law. Something I vehemently agree with. I have proposed that for 6 or 7 years in my attempt to run for governor of Pennsylvania.

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  24. Thank you Farron great post ,
    Now more than ever we need a game changer , Bernie and Elizabeth should ( imo ) both announce they are on the same ticket , no more of this bs about who's going to be VP , jump the shark make a move that ( is unprecedented to my knowledge) Bernie as president and hopefully we will get 8 years then Elizabeth for another 8 years .
    Then we have a chance of saving the world , I truly believe that is what is at stake here , and we need a novel approach to address a world literary changing before our eyes


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    Time for deep change in the society and look for the future.

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  28. The only thing the 2016 election should be used for is as a lessons learned. That is, don't count on the polls, don't underestimate your opponent, every state is important and even more so that every voter needs to be heard and have their needs considered. And, most of all, the "because we always did it this way" is a failed way of thinking that needs to be deemed as totally unacceptable.
    As for Sanders and Warren, I agree that the fact we have these two politicians debating policy, is fantastic for our country, and the best way to beat Trump. We Americans want politicians talk about policy and give us a reason to believe they have ideas and a plan. Will their plans work just as they want them to? Most likely not, but to have candidates to talk about their plans and how they feel they can get them to work for the common good of all Americans is a good start. And, more than anything, as I said, it is a far better way to beat Trump than talking about his character flaws which we all know about, and his supporters don't care about.

  29. I'd like Sanders to be the pick. I think he has the best chance against Don the Con.
    Warren seems to have just copied Bernie on most issues, and she has recently been trying to appease the DNC and corporate Dems. If the DNC switches from Biden to Warren, a lot of progressives will be turned off.
    Bernie is sticking to his principles, and isn't trying to suck up to the DNC.
    Bernie/Gabbard 2020

  30. Funny! Both of your channels is where I've seen "vitriol" and 'mud-throwing' to other democratic candidates that aren't Bernie. I hope you both take your own advice. 🙄😐

  31. You guys are still asking the wrong question(s).
    It´s not about who has bold ideas, who has the greatest wallet.
    The only question that should be asked is ..
    Who is willing to take on these big Coparations and the corruption!
    There is none. Thats the point. Money speaks first, always!

  32. There's a climate emergency,It's Paramount and only one candidate has the courage and the sufficient plan, his name is Bernie Sanders. All the rest of this discussion is moot in the shadow of impending doom.

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    How would we determine who is eligible for that? We gonna have black folks scrambling to prove we are slave descendants? What about non black dems?

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    I don't see how an issue like reparations NOW brings us together. I only see the potential for division.

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  35. Warren isn’t a progressive she’s already taken big money to buy the DNC email list and will take Corporate, PAC, and Dark Money if she gets the nomination. Warren will be beholden to her Corporate donors!

  36. just remember to tell all those young Democrats trying to ban cheeseburgers automotive gas everything else they're not going to have a f**** job or they're not going to have any money to do s*** and I don't know where they think they're going to get their money from their mommy and their daddy I don't think so cuz even we get tired of paying the little s*** for doing s*** nothing so the Democrats and sit there and whine about the environment while I'll tell you right now band everything you want but you just put yourselves out of jobs and you're not going to change the environment anyway you ain't going to do s*** okay cuz it's going to continue going down the same path for reasons that owe you wouldn't even understand because you don't have the f**** brainpower together all the Democrats and one f**** basket to realize what is really causing the environment to change but we'll just leave it at that because you think that all your little scientist and all your little bulshit artist that go around trying to fear everybody into believe even certain things that it's going to matter well you know what it's not going to so don't fool yourself young people don't listen to those old s*** heads they don't know s***

  37. I'm pretty sure I've seen this video before. Same with the two that came out right before this. Is there a reason GoLeftTV is reuploading old content?

  38. “With the sting of the whip on my shoulder
    With the salt of my sweat on my brow
    Elohim, God on high
    Can you hear your people cry?
    Help us now
    This dark hour, enDeliver us
    Hear our call, deliver us
    Lord of all, remember us
    Here in this burning sand
    Deliver us
    There's a land you promised us
    Deliver us to the Promised Land.
    Deliver us
    Hear our prayer
    Deliver us
    From despair
    These years of slavery grow too cruel to stand
    Deliver us
    There's a land you promised us
    Deliver us
    Out of bondage and
    Deliver us to the Promised Land,

    Deliver us, send a shepherd to shepherd us
    And deliver us to the Promised Land
    Deliver us to the Promised Land.” ~The slaves from “The Prince of Egypt”

  39. It seems like Warren and Sanders are splitting the progressive votes, which will allow Biden to win. If one of them pulled out, the other would get their votes and Biden would get clobbered. Isn't the progressive cause being hurt by having both of them compete for Democratic votes?

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