Cardo’s family prepares for Delfin’s birthday celebration | FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano (With Eng Subs)

Oh! Perfect!
Can you put it over there? You missed a spot!
Mister, put it here. Wow! These decorations
are amazing! So fancy! This is the first time I’ve
seen a party like this. Of course, Miss Emma.
It’s General Borja’s birthday. He deserves a great party. And we made the food special. We even invited guests
from the military and the like. That’s why it’s grand. Being a general sure
is something. They’re loaded! Hey! It’s not what you think! Grandpa Delfin isn’t
a corrupt official! Yeah. All of these came
from his hard work. Don’t take this the wrong way. Just because we’re throwing
a grand party doesn’t mean we got the money
from doing bad things. We didn’t say anything
like that. We just said that it’s
a grand celebration. But you already jumped
into conclusions. – Thank you!
– Come on, dear! I got it. Good morning! – Good morning!
– Good morning, Letlet! – Morning, Wally!
– Wow! These are amazing! Of course, Alyana! Everything must be perfect for
General Borja’s birthday. You need any help
here, Auntie? No need, Cardo.
We hired caterers for today. What route does he
take to work? Wait, Ma’am Clarice. Why are you curious about Cardo?
Do you like him? Well… I find him hot. I’m off to work, but I’ll try
to make it home early so I can help you guys.
I’m sorry. Chairman, Wally and I won’t
be able to join you. We’ll help around here. No worries. I’ll take care of things
at the community hall. You go help around here, okay? Letlet, Mommy’s going to work. – Be a good girl, okay?
– Okay, Mommy. Take care! – I’m heading out now.
– Take care. Let’s go, Domeng.
We have a lot to do. Okay. – Take care.
– Bye! – Bye, Bubbles! Bye, Wally!
– Bye, love! – Don’t worry! We got this!
– Love you, dear! So, what do you think?
Do we need to add more? It’s amazing, Auntie.
It’s really fancy. – How about you, Letlet?
– It looks nice. But isn’t he your
family’s enemy? It’s not like I want
to marry him! Besides, he’s already married! – Yeah.
– He is married. That won’t be a problem. Even countries can
be conquered. And besides, I like him
because he’s like a challenge. – A challenge?
– What? Aunt Yolly, here are
the drinks I had stashed. Wow! That’s a lot! Wow! You’ve set this place up
beautifully! I guess you don’t need
our help anymore. I see everything’s all set. That’s not true. We still need you to pick up
Grandpa Delfin’s cake. Alright, sir.
We’ll take care of it. – Hey, you better hurry up.
– Hi, Grandma Flora! – Let’s take a look.
– Grandma! – You look beautiful, Grandma!
– Wow! It’s beautiful! Grandma! Was this… Was this done by
the caterer we hired? Yes, Grandma! Yolly, ask them to put the food
we cooked in chafing dishes. They already
transferred them, Grandma! – Really?
– Don’t worry! Grandma, we put so much effort
in decorating this place. So I hope we surprise
Grandpa Delfin! Yeah, I hope Delfin likes it! Grandma Flora, can I help you
with anything else? We have nothing left to do! If our eatery makes more money, we’ll decorate it
just like this! Good idea, Grandma! I’m sure we
can do what the caterers did. Maybe even better!

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  1. Kawawa tlga si Lolo Delfin dahil sa kagagawan ng Lily nayan sumusobra na sya. Pag bumalik na sa dating ugali si Pres.Oscar na napaka bait nya maging sila na sana ni Diana bagay rin sila.

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