Carnival Cruise Buffet Food & Menus for Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner (4K)

I will have one tomato please. Onion and cheddar caramel cheesecake Mmm it’s good. It’s a classic cheesecake. It’s a good cheesecake yeah. not too sweet right? nice and fluffy
there’s a strong caramel flavor and there is a hint of chocolate at the bottom. The meat turnover Mmm it’s good.
nice and flaky and buttery pastry like croissant and then the meat inside is
curried – has a curry flavor. That’s pretty good. yeah it looks pretty good Oh yeah the meat is shredded and it’s like super tender this will be chocolate yeah you’d
be like chocolate lovers will love these it’s kind of like chocolate fudge
which is really good actually And you don’t like chocolate that much. I know
this is actually very good it’s not too too sweet
and this is taste exact like chocolate fudge this is really good very chocolaty. The chocolate skin outside is crispy and the fudge inside oh my goodness it’s
just like so dense and rich in chocolate flavor. Oh this is good. tiramisu cheesecake It tastes more like cheesecake to me no tiramisu. maybe a hint in the background but the
texture and the flavor is more like leaning towards like cheesecake then tiramisu. It’s good. There you go try it and see It’s real ice cream actually. Is it? It’s not just soft serve? It says soft serve. It tastes like real ice cream and it feels cold. okay Oh that’s a swan! How cool is that? What is that? It’s a swan- no it’s a turkey, a turkey. Look at that! Thank you. thank you Roast lamb. First time eating lamb on this cruise. Surprisingly it is pretty tender

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  1. Hi. Sorry for i asking you about this….

    I have a job where I have to write about "tourist attractions" in London. Do you know if there is anything close to the harbor? : 3

    I ask you because you are on many cruises 🙂❤
    (Used google translator)

    I need help… because the stupid noobs in my class must obviously write about their interest (football) which I think is unfair .. 😭😡

  2. Thanks for posting. I want to try most of it. Some servings are large (like dessert), do they frown on you if you only take a few bites & leave the rest?

  3. I was on the Carnival Pride recently and the buffet was kept in pristine condition and the food looked more appetizing than what you show. It tasted as good as it looked.

  4. Thanks for the video. I wasn't aware they had light night buffet offerings. Pack a few Tums if you're going to being eating chili right before bed!

  5. Well it's scary, even when I was vegetarian, I ate holistic food…this looks like mass produced cafeteria style food…I am goin on cruise in 3weeks and I am 7mth vegan, I am very worried about my choices…cakes out…most salads have fetta or butter or bacon bits etc…I am travelling alone, so for my double fare, looks like I am gonna get a bread roll, slices of cucumber or tomato perhaps a plain potato…

  6. It just amazes me how some cruisers were complaining about the food on board. With so much variety, there has to be SOMETHING that one must like a lot! Your excellent video showed how much effort Carnival put out on their buffet. We only used the buffet during lunch as we preferred the main dining room for breakfast and dinner. Thanks for sharing and bringing back some fond memories of our cruise. 🙂

  7. Cruised to the Bahamas last summer on Liberty. The food was amazing. If you can't find something you enjoy on board, you aren't looking very hard.

  8. Thanks for the excellent video! You did a great job! I can’t wait to enjoy all the food on my upcoming cruise!

  9. Thank you for the excellent camera qaulity, live walk around the food stations, and great critique on the food.

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