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hey guys welcome back to my channel and
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home holiday event wedding in da one of the core today I’m gonna show you how to
make a carousel centerpiece and set up here we go so today I was inspired to make a
carousel centerpiece and setup that you can use for your baby shower or for a
birthday party or a first birthday party fifth birthday party any birthday party
it’s gonna be cute either way first I was inspired to make a carnival themed
centerpiece but then I slowly made my way into a carousel centerpiece by
walking the aisles of Hobby Lobby I fell in love with that unicorn and I got out
of discounted price so yep all right let’s get started the first thing I’m
going to do is paint all of this in metallic gold I have my unicorn here
which I got this kind of price original price is $9.99 but I got it for six
bucks because someone tried to ripped dehorn up the vinegar for some reason
but a problem I’ll take it long as I get a discount and I have a this is a here
it is a 9.5 inch box a round box and then I have $200 and this are three
point eight by twelve so I’m going to paint them and I’ll be right back okay so my next step is to dig a little
hole right here in the middle I’m going to use my x-acto knife or craft knife
and I’m just going to make a small one and then work my way in to make it this
big but you want it to be snug so don’t make it too big now I’m going to apply a
little bit of hot glue in the inside so we can secure it in place now I’m going
to place my horse on top of the dowel but I kind of want the horse to stay
this high I don’t really want to go down any deeper so I’m going to do it just
dig a little bit just so I can have it a little snug up to here and then I’m
going to add glue right around there all right so I was about to make my
lights so much difficult right now I was about to little D unicorn on top
of the doll right now but I forgot that I have to place the second down on top
of it first so before you place it on the down you
must place the second down on the unicorn first you are going to place it
directly above the one that will be at the bottom so it will be right around
here okay so you’re going to dig a hole and
then you’re going to push it all the way through which is perfectly okay because
this is pretty long so he’s gonna push it all the way through and you wanted to
see my see if it was the same doll now I’m going to place a unicorn on top
of the bottom dowel it’s going to add a little glue to the bottom of the unicorn
and I’m going to add a little bit on here okay so now that everything is in place
I want to start adding colors and decorating the carousel so I’m going to
start by adding this 3/8 inch pink ribbon to my dowel it’s going to serve
as this world I didn’t want to paint it because I’m not a fan of painting you
know I want things to look very polished so I’m going to use this ribbon and I’m
going to be using hot glue to attach the ribbon to the dowel next I’m going to add this quarter inch
round floral phone to the top of my top towel but first I’m going to paint it
metallic gold first I’m going to push it into the dowel to make a little hole
right here at the bottom and then I’m going to glue and then place it right on
top now I’m going to make a tutu to place
around the box I’m going to be using pink tulle and I’m also going to use the
ribbon that you saw earlier it’s a 3/8 inch pink ribbon so I’m going
to measure and cut which I already did and I’m leaving a little bit extra so I
can make a little bow at the end and I’m going to measure the length and I’m
going to neat and I’m going to double it up so I’m basically going to need this
length and double that because I’m going to tie this to the ribbon alright so
here’s a little piece I already cut and here’s the ribbon so I’m going to just
okay let me give you a close-up for those of you who are new to my channel
here’s how you make a tutu so you are going to hold it like this
alright I’m gonna see a little hole right there and then you’re going to
grab your ribbon and then you are going to bring this hole over and then bring
the two pieces through it and then you are going to pull all right and then you
are going to continue doing the same all the way to the end and it she looks something like this
when you’re done with it and now I’m going to add a little bit of hot glue
right here and then I’m going to tie it around and I made a couple of these a little
longer for some reason don’t know why so I’m gonna trim it all around so I’ve been going back and forth on how
to decorate this area I know that I want to keep it simple because I already have
the two two and you don’t want to add too much and you’re just going to look
like too much so I have two colors that I’m going to be using I’m going to be
using roses and I have this um this is actually a peachy color but it looks
kind of like like pink and I love it on there and I have this darker pink this
one is from Dollar Tree and this one is from Michaels
alright and this one obviously a dollar and this were 50% off of 399 so it was
$2.00 per bouquet so I’m just going to pull off the Rose of this stem and then
I’m going to cut it very very short and I’m going to start gluing right here on
top I’m going to place about four four now I might leave it at four but for now
and for sure using four I’m going to start adding my dark pink
roses and again I’m going to pull them off and I’m going to cut it very very
short and these are placing over the tutu to hide the knot around the box I’m going to add a couple of more
flowers right on top now I’m going to lace some of these pearls right on top
and there it is I’m going to use for toy horses that I
got from Dollar Tree and I’m going to use this as part of the core for my
setup what I basically want to do is for smaller versions of my centerpiece that
I’m going to be placing on top of my plate and it’s pretty much the same
process but not really and I will show you that in a bit
but for now I’m going to go ahead and paint them in gold I’m also going to
paint for paper mache mini round boxes in metallic gold so the first thing I’m
going to do to make my miniature version is take my bamboo skewer and I’m going
to poke a hole right in the middle and I’m going to pretty much do the same I’m
going to open it up and I’m going to add glue to the bottom so you can help me
keep it secure and steady so after it dries you’re going to close that up and
then you are going to use two colors I’m going to use two of the goal and two of
the pink swirls I’m going to start with the pink and I’m going to measure how
tall I want it to be and I want them a little bit past their legs so around
here and you’re just going to cut with your scissors alright and then you are
going to put it through here alright you’re gonna put it through there and
then you are going to cut with some wire cutters or anything that you have this
strong enough to cut the bamboo skewer and you’re just gonna trim that down and
make sure that nothing’s sticking up like this one because then that’s gonna
come in contact with the horse and it’s not gonna be able to sit still so I’m
going to trim that down you can take it off trim it down a
little bit so this is how it should be now you want to apply just a little bit
of glue at the bottom not too much because you don’t want it to be sloppy
you know just a tiny bit I’m gonna use my scissors to smear that a little so
let that dry for a little bit before placing the horse on top now you’re
going to add some glue to the middle of the belly of the horse place a good
amount almost like a little ball see that okay so you’re gonna place a good
amount of glue and you’re gonna let it dry a little bit not all the way but you
want it to be thick and hard but not too hard
and then you’re going to do the same here you’re going to add another dot
okay if you move it in a circular motion you can make a dot right there alright
so let that get hard for a little bit before placing it on top of each other
okay so this one seems ready so I’m going to place it right in the middle of
two Gloup Gloup Gloup alright are you gonna hold it there until the glue dries
and I’m going to use the rest of this straw to place it right on top you
decide how tall you want it I wanted to do this tall and then I’m also going to
add a piece basically the same process of the bamboo skewer inside of here okay
but that’s what’s going to hold the glue in place lastly I’m going to place this chocolate
melt yes it is a chocolate melt because I use whatever I have as I’ve said
before I couldn’t find anything that will go perfectly on here and I found
this chocolate melt and that is exactly what I’m going to use to give you a
couple of more ideas you can use a piece of the pearl it’s a little too small for
me or you can use marbles or anything that you can find around your house but
I’m going to use this chocolate melt last but not least I’m going to add a
single rose to the bottom right here I’m not going to glue it yes yet because
I’m not sure whether I’m going to use the lighter one or the darker one I’m
gonna have to wait until I have everything set up on the table okay guys
this is it this is my carousel centerpiece and some of the items for
these set up and I think it is adorable it was a very easy project to make and I
think any little girl or any mom – we will love this I hope you guys enjoy
this video and if you did please make sure to give it a thumbs up and if you
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also if you know someone that can use this centerpiece make sure to share it
with them at the end of this video and leave me a comment let me know what you
thought of my centerpiece and leave me a comment anyway because I love to
chitchat with you guys all the time until next time bye you

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