Cartagena Nightlife Travel Guide

hola bienvenidos a Cartagena de Indias y hoy vas a conocer la mejor noche en la Calle Arsenal, la calle mas importante para rumbear pasarla rico! Welcome everybody we are in cartagena de indias we are going to have the best nightlife in Arsenal street, just check it out! Vamos! there are a few other places to go out in Cartagena but my new friends insisted that we checked out the clubs on Calle Arsenal So here we go! Baluma Our first stop was at Baluma, as soon as the doors opened you could feel music pulsating over the dance floor with the added bonus of a laser light show. And they also had a dance floor upstairs. we had a beer and a dance but then we were excited to see more of the night life. club 77 had a very cool design we were the first people here but that didn’t stop us from having a good time and as time went on more people arrived. After a few drinks and some very basic salsa dancing it was off to the next place. I saved the best place for last. The Bar Club Cartagena is a shot bar that also serves mixed drinks but no beer. But who needs beers when you have shots with names like “tampon” and “Bin Laden”. I chose to go with a bin laden, and i’m sure i will remember it for a long time as their pyrotechnics involved, but my friends decided to go with a more challenging shot in which you weren’t allowed to use your hands to drink We had a great time here. The best time to party on Calle Arsenal is Friday & Saturday night from 11pm to 4am. Ok guys Cartagena is waiting for you. You just hurry up! ¡Apúrate Cartagena te espera!

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  1. Easy Pal ..ok ?
    I mean, some bars without people, and drinks on fire, is that all ? I have partied a lot in Barcelona and other places in Spain..I know it can be better than that. You could at least film at late night instead of filming in the beginning of the evening. Come to my parties. Check out my videos on Facebook too. …If you were there, you would really get another experience. Peace.

  2. Hey bro, when's the next time your going back to Columbia? Can I hang out with you?!! I have to go but don't want to go by myself. Looks like you know exactly what to do.

  3. Thanks for the comment! I'm not sure when I will return, but when I do I will let you know! You should go solo, that is my favorite way to travel…you are forced to meet new people. safe travels!

  4. Man you have no Idea its a great city you can travel alone or go with friends. I love it the women are great I think everyone should try it. I go about twice a year. Cartagena El Mejor!

  5. people told is a dangerous place to go to, the whole south america is, but i dont get, the whole world is dangerous

  6. sorry you feel that way. The video is to help travelers to know more about the nightlife in Cartagena.

  7. I felt safer in Colombia than in Buenos Aires, Colombia is the most awesome and welcoming country I ve ever been to.

  8. Cartagena is a safe city. A mix of cultures a lot of music historic places to visit.
    I;m %100 sure that you are going to love it. Welcome to my city enjoy the islands the food, and sorry that my english is not the best.

  9. unfortunately I was only allowed to film early in the night. When the clubs were busy I was prohibited to film.

  10. I had a great time in Colombia and had zero safety issues in the 6 months I lived there. Thanks for the comment!

  11. Or to socialize and meet new people ,new cultures and have fun. You wouldn't like it so stay in your house.

  12. Normally the dress code is pretty relaxed, but some places might require you to dress up. I'd wear jeans just to be safe. Have fun in Cartagena and have a drink or two for me!

  13. lol sorry i just found it funny but my comment was ignorant atleast ur tryin man ur welcome back to my country anytime

  14. Gracias amigo. As long as their are pretty Colombian girls to help teach me to dance I will keep trying, hahaha!

  15. Hello, how are African Americans treated in Cartagena? Really would love to go there but not deal with unexpected racism. Please help! (I'm being really serious)

  16. I had to get there early to film. I didn't receive permission to film when the clubs were packed. Sorry.

  17. I'm not an expert, but i always like to believe that if you smile and are polite you should be fine. There is quite a few afro colomianos so i think racism isn't an issue. Don't let haters stop you from having a great time!!!

  18. Hey man, unlike North America, black people in Colombia are treated with respect. In fact, they are considered the "flavor" of this country hehehe so don't hesitate to come to Colombia and be yourself a part of that flavor.

  19. "Never argue with a stupid person because they will drag you down to their level and beat you with experience" – Mark Twain

  20. Yes he did! lol, that guy was getting on my damn nerves! But I took away from what you told me and that's all that matters to me. Thanks again and i'm looking forward to visiting Cartagena!

  21. I'm in Colombia now, and I've had ZERO problems. I advise all Black men from America to visit here if you can.


  23. Is Cartagena safe?…..thinking about Bogata, Medellin too?….might be travelling from Ireland

  24. las colombianas son pa nosotros los colombianos, dejense de eso, no compartimos, eche, acaso no hay mujeres en sus paises nojoda,


  26. Notice that even though he’s gay he doesn’t touch on any gay bars or dance clubs. Hmmmm, maybe he thinks that he doesn’t come across as obviously gay. Well, I won’t be the one to burst his bubble.

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