Casio G-Shock 35th Anniversary GA-735A-1AJR Big Bang Black watch unboxing & review

hello everyone this is G Shock High Fashion channel, as you guys could see now, we’re gonna have a look at G Shock 35th anniversary unboxing. as I promised before I’m gonna to make an unboxing video for I believe every
35th anniversary G Shock watch on the channel I wish I could do so because
‘ this every single month so it’s pretty
hard to catch up but I’ll try my best and I’m going to start my 35th
anniversary G-shock unboxing a series with this Big Bang black model and
specifically we’re gonna have to look at the GA-700 series or GA-735A-AJR
this will be the backplate engraving and this is as stated, designed by ERIC HAZE
and he did a pretty good job in designing all this. I believe this part is
the only part that looks similar to the 30th anniversary although the font is
pretty different and I believe on top here is pretty well known as well, 3 5 for 35th anniversary, so yeah they’re all very very obvious; 3-5, so 35th anniversary.
Let me open this thing up and we’re gonna have a look at some warranty card,
this, your’re gonna keep this 5522 Japanese module, so it’s very thin,
very slim compared to the other international one. Anyway, we’re gonna have like a similar design again on top here and this will be the tin case, they
all have the same design, look at that front and yeah just at the front on
here. Although the lid on this tin case is similar as the one on the box
look at that all the sizing are small of course and they actually stamped on here not just printed colorway they actually have.. you can feel it, you
can feel it. Alright so let me put this thing over here and pop it up in three,
two, one, BAM yeah, alright, so I believe most of you
guys already seen the watch as well especially considering that I’m pretty
late on the unboxing but I still have to make this because I promised and will
deliver. Alright let me show you guys something in here GA 700 series.
Let me remove this thing over here. best feeling ever. This is a standard GA 700 as well. I already covered a lot of this before although the one that they use on this looks very unique as well let me highlight all the difference,
by zooming in a little bit and let’s have a look on the size as I usually do
it though Let me uh increase this (ISO) alright so on the sides, we’re gonna have look at two buttons all in plastic material with this texture
on top of else for a better grip and one screw over here with very..kinda like it have a screw guard? what is this screw guard, why did they
add those; similar the one on the sides both side goes the same by the way and
they have a special buttons in the middle for the light of complication,
the light button, similar as the one on this Mudmaster and also similar to the
one on a range man and I believe this guy is indeed was based on a range man due
to how popular this thing is and also this guy also was based on this due to
how popular this model is. This guy over here is a legend. Alright let’s go back
to this watch over here and what else, what else,
similar..everything is the same although the feels when you hold it on hand, it
feels very smooth, it feels so smooth, and the plastic feels different, it totally
feels different from this guy indeed from this, this, or this. It features a
fully matte finish watch band and well it is totally blacked out, sort of like
the black out basic models but the only difference that it is full black and the
black over here is totally different from this type of black, look at that
you can see right away and let me remove this Mudmaster and show you guys how much the black differs because the the thing that makes this one special is
the black, nothing else actually no other printing no type of other design at all.
They just add or make this one in black and just be done with it. Although
they do add this steel band keeper over here with three five, 35th anniversary and
three five writings over there and the thing that I don’t like is of course this part over
here, black buckle. I don’t know why they have to
make this part in plastic even though they cost.. they charged me like a lot when I bought this model, I believe the retail price is about 20,000 yen or 22,000 years
somewhere on there. Thailand signed below it. No Casio at all let’s see the
code since this is somehow representing the material that they used in the
making of this watch band so we’re gonna have a look at 780 GE 92 16 polyurethane
so still PUR, only the mixtures is different, it makes it look weird,
the band also feels these also feels weird by the way and the backplate over here features at design similar is the one on the box which is over here, look at that.
35th anniversary logos similar to ones over here, designed by ERIC HAZE as well except this one to
be more detailed made, very beautifully made actually, Casio over there, 5522, GA-735A, stain steel back, with Japan movement, and cased in
Thailand pretty cheap costing but very very well
made and very very tough G-Shock Now lets zoom in a little bit, everything is just black except all the minutes index in there in grey, just dark grey, it’s
still very hard to see through the index over there, very thick in all black color,
which makes this was very tactical, very cool looking as well. If you are into
military or you are into this stealthy looking thing, this is a watch for you as well considering that this watch is very big. If you compared it to a Rangeman,
You know what, let me put it over here, you can still see the Rangeman, a glimpse of the Rangeman
at the back there it’s almost similar size of the master of G
range man except it don’t have all those functions that this guy have, it’s very big
but since the colorway is very dark, very black, it’s kinda get a with
that, it’s kind of hide it, it hide itself from grabbing too much attention, so this
is a very nice thing to have as well in your possession. Alright for the function
was gonna have look at date and time I mean date date and timing and a lot you
can swap it of course to city display and date if you want to do so look at
that and you press this uh upper right button at hometown I could toggle
between digital time display instead or day date again,
let’s go to digital time if you press the lower right button up here it will
start right away the stopwatch for this model. So from here you’ll know right way this watch is made for sports, if you’re into that,
this is the watch for you and I believe they have an advertising this a watch
into the street cultures, street style, the skateboarding type of activities, if
you’re into that, this is the watch that you are looking for as well since it’s
very very tough, it can handle a lot of harsh environment out there. Stop and
reset very easy and they have an indicator up here as well which will light on
indicating that we are at stopwatch mode for press this mode button and hold it
will go back to home time and we press mode now we’ll go to the
countdown timer mode, uhm default to ten minutes, I can start this and while I’m
show you guys right now, the buttons over here is still pretty easy to operate, it
has a very soft, at the same time very stiff as well, so it feels a
high-quality built for the button as well, and thus I believe to add on to the 200m water-resistant, very nicely done it still smooth, not as hard to press,
still comfortable to be used, this is the world time, this is the alarm, I believe
they have one two three four and fifth alarm would be the snooze and signal aka hourly chime and this is the stopwatch and we’re gonna go back to home time. Every mode
that this watch have had been written over here, so this is the mode indicator,
this is sorta like the animations every G-Shock have these animations up here, this is pretty fun thing to have in your G-Shock since you don’t have any seconds
arrow hand moving around so that is indeed crucial to have. So you won’t get
bored whenever you’re staring at your G-Shock you know or to kill some time
it’s just things they’re most watch should have actually and the most interesting part
of course for this model is that LED lighting located at six o’clock index
over there and when I pressed it, BAM it is very very bright, although not what the
digital display it just for the analog hand. Let me cover it up and show you guys
right away look at that, let me do it again, look at that you can see
everything right away you can set it up to 1.5 seconds or 3 seconds of course. Let me press Adjust up here, now you could set-up the city code, the DST, time
format to 12 hour or 24 hour time if you want to do so, the seconds, to the minutes, and
hours, the calendar year, the month, and the date and this is key tone on On or Off, light
duration; lets go with three seconds instead, and back to home time and let me do it
again BAM look at that very nice as amazing as this lighting is the thing
that most people are disappointed is the fact that this guy don’t have the auto
light features which is I don’t know why man.. the cost, this thing cost us a lot
to get and they didn’t consider at all to add those auto-light in here that is
down side this model but I can’t complain much on that. It is how it is
since I’m a big fan of Casio G-Shock I’m just I’m just I’m just gonna accept it.
It this is just how it is, let me put it on wrist before I conclude this video
right now, the watch band on here feels a weird as I’m wearing this probably
because this part is plastics and I don’t know man it feels a little bit
cheaper compared to current release or older released models, it feels cheap when you hold it, but it is still legit, still original timepiece by the way and for
the fit, it feels very nice and yeah it seems it is cheap and feel soft and
I believe that is also contribute to the fit, look at that it fit me very very
nicely just tiny gap going on over there which is forgivable and I’d still
haven’t wear it to the hole at top over here just second
from the top, I have about 15 centimeters circumference wrist, I’m not sure if you guys even noticed, my wrist is pretty flat and not circular in shape so still depends on which wrsit
type you have, so here is mine over here Oh looks very nice, fit very nicely, and
this thing could hide from the crowd. Even though it is very big and if you
look at a distant right now you can still tell what time is it look at that
the huge display make it easier for you to tell the time even while you are busy
doing your things why are you doing sports you don’t have to actually stop
and take a hard glimpse just to tell the time, from here you can just glimpse at
and straight away were able to tell the time right away without disturbing
what you’re doing, just focus on that, and just glimpse, there it is, glimpse, there it is. Very
easy to tell the time. I guess that is all that I have to share on this very big bang black
g-shock model. I’ll share more as I’m boxing another version of this coming up
soon which is the GA-835 so stay tuned for that as well coming up soon in
the future and yeah man leave a like if you found this video useful informative and
entertaining as well for your future reference. I hope this video helps you out
before you make your purchase and also subscribe to see more of this coming
soon as well in the future and thank you thank you very very much watching and
for all the support guys (PATREON) this is G-Shock high fashion channel. and I’m… out

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  1. To be honest though, at least for me, I wouldn't really turn on the auto light function for the non solar G shock. I might play with it every once in a while, but will definitely not use it that much

  2. hello, is it possible for this model the back case is Thailand and the buckle is Casio Japan please advise if fake or authentic

  3. I BOUGHT THIS MODEL not the All Black I got the Black and Red one & I Absolutely Love it.!! Really Good Design and will be wearing it for years and years to come. GSHOCK GA700 TEAM REPRESENTING ⏲️

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