Cassie, itinuloy ang pagpunta sa birthday ni Roxanne | Kadenang Ginto (With Eng Subs)

I hope you’re satisfied
with my work. I’ve prepared
everything you’ll need for your daughter’s party. You’ll finally know
what it’s like to be in the same class
as a Mondragon. Savor it, because you’ll
never experience this again. Is this a school?
What do you mean, “class”? My god, Hector. Whatever.
Your guests are arriving. I need to go.
I can’t be seen here. Yeah, go out the back
so they don’t see you. – Don’t touch me!
– Be careful. Thanks again. Thank you so much
for coming, guys. Eat up, okay? Roxanne, make sure you feed
your guests. There’s enough food
for everyone. What about Cassie’s group?
Are they coming? I invited them, Pa, but I don’t think
they’re coming. Besides, it’s better
if they don’t, right? It’s not that, Roxanne. I’m trying to exclude you kids
from my fight with her mother because I know you’ll see
each other a lot at Maxwell. If they come here
and act civil, then I’ll treat them
the same. Okay? Now go enjoy
your birthday. Thank you, Papa. Eat up, guys. Don’t be shy. Look, it’s Cassie. Cassie, thanks for coming. Roxanne, happy birthday. Thanks. Did you come here
because of our report? Yes. Your report can wait.
Why don’t you eat first? Papa’s right. Why don’t you
grab some food and eat? Have you checked
if it’s complete? Cassie, are you okay? I saw Daniela. Really? Where? She already left. Fatima, what do you think
she was doing here? I think you’re just hungry. Come on, let’s eat! [PHONE RINGING] – Hello?
– Ma’am, have you talked… – …to Ma’am Cassie?
– What’s going on? We’re at her classmate’s
birthday party. – Whose birthday is it?
– Roxanne’s. [PHONE RINGING] Hello, Ma? Why did you go to
Roxanne’s birthday party without asking for
my permission? I’m sorry, Mama. I didn’t want to go at first. Go home this instant! I don’t want you in the
same place as Hector when I’m not around. I’m worried he might do
something bad to you. Ma, someone else was here
aside from Mister Hector. I think I saw Daniela. I knew those two are
conspiring against me! Cassie, please go home. Go home this instant! Okay, Mama. Where’s Cassie? She went to the restroom. Go get some dessert. We got a whole selection
over there. Come on. Cassie, why don’t you
get some dessert? No, thanks. Fatima, Mama told me
to go home. You can stay if you want. I have to go now. Can I have
everybody’s attention? I’d like to say a few words. I’d like to thank
you all for coming to my daughter’s
birthday party. You know how special
she is to me. My heart is full
of love for her. I love you very
much, Roxanne. Here. Let’s have a toast
for my daughter. Cheers! Cheers! Cassie, cheers! [GUESTS APPLAUDING] Thank you. Thank you very much.

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