Castle Dinner Set – Child’s dinnerware that looks like a castle

The Castle Dinner Set is epic
in the truest sense of the word. When it’s time together
at the roundtable, this mighty fortress
becomes a plate, bowl, cup, condiment holder, and utensils. All of these dishwasher
and microwave safe pieces are completely free of
any harmful substances. Kids love the Castle Dinner Set
because it makes meal time fun. And parents love it
because it encourages slower eating and more
time at the table. Besides, a little
imagination goes a long way when you have to
eat your vegetables. [MUSIC PLAYING] [DUELING SOUNDS] [CRUNCH] Honey. Still working on those carrots? Give your little one a
feast fit for a king. Buy the Castle Dinner
Set at Oh, [BEEP]. Should that kill me
or am I still going?

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