Cat Birthday Cake | Parents

Kiddie loving kids will go crazy for this
cat cake. Creating the cat’s head requires no complicated shaping. You just bake the
cake in a mixing bowl and store- bought elements like fruit juice and licorice make it easy
to add the details of the cat’s face. For the cake, you’ll need one batch of yellow
cake baked in an oven- proof 2. 5 quart bowl so it bakes up in a dome shape. Be sure the
cake is completely cool before you begin decorating it. For the cat’s fur, add blue food coloring
to a 16- ounce can of vanilla frosting in a bowl and mix until it’s blended. Scoop one
cup of the blue frosting into a pastry bag with a medium tip or you can use a freezer-
weight zip- top plastic bag with the corner snipped off. Spoon another 3 / 4 of a cup
of vanilla frosting into another pastry bag with a fine tip. Put another 3 tablespoons
of vanilla frosting in the small bowl. Add a few drops of red food coloring and blend
to tint the frosting pink. Now, it’s time to put together the cat’s face. For the ears,
cut 2 g crackers into 3- inch triangles with a serrated knife. Cut 2- 3 inch slits on the
top of the cake and insert the ears. Spread the front of the ears with the pink frosting.
Now, spread the rest of the cake with the blue frosting. Now, we will add the cheeks.
We made too many powdered donuts covered an icing and coconut flakes. Pipe the blue frosting
to outline the cat’s ears. For the fur, either pipe individual hairs like this or you can
also use a fork to pull the frosting outward into little peaks. To make the eyes, cut one
regular marshmallow in half crosswise. Add a junior mint as the pupil using a dot of
vanilla frosting to adhere it. Then, pipe a white dot at the edge of each eye to make
it twinkle. Attach the eyes above the cheeks. Use the vanilla frosting to pipe some tufts
of white fur on the cat’s forehead and chin. Soften three pink or red fruit juice in the
microwave for 3 seconds. Flatten one and shape it into the tongue. Press the remaining two
tubes together to shape the cat’s nose. Attach the tongue and nose to the cake with a frosting.
Outline the cheeks with strands of black licorice laces and insert several strands as whiskers.

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