Catch n Cook Baked Grouper Fillet Recipe – saltwater fish dinner – filet and cook

what’s up guys welcome back to the
channel I’m going to be making some grouper today for you guys this is a
fish that I actually caught yesterday as you can see in the video and grouper
it’s one of the best fish that would catch here in Florida I’m going to be
making baked fish fillet recipe with butter and lemon juice and dump some
seasonings so let’s get to it okay guys so the first thing we’re going to do
with this fish is we’re going to fillet it and then we’re going to cut the head
from it to use a fur for our soup and usually to filet you want to begin here and you want to cut along the bone run your fingers through it and with the
tip of the knife you can feel the backbone on the fish let it guide you across that’s the spine you want to run
the tip of the knife along the spines you hear it so you don’t leave any meat here you want to cut across behind the head
down is a bone here that we’re going to actually use for the soup also when I
come down on the other side and around that bottom fin mr. bones as a guide for your life and a couple different ways people do
fillets you can either scale the fish leave the skin on you can skin it this
fish I’m going to leave the skin on I scaled it because I came in late and I
had I just scaled it and got it it put in refrigerator so I could fillet the
next day groupers don’t have any fishy taste or understanding or anything like
that and they’re real thin it’s not like a other fish you know like silk or fish
like that they have actually a very very fishy type of taste in their skin was
smoking do have to skin them or you won’t be able to eat the fish
so sometimes to mine a little bit of meat on the ribcage it’s
actually when you do a good fillet you want to take the fish up and make sure
that you can see light through the skeleton there’s nothing left on the
bones the rest of this stuff can I use your soup we’re going to cut the head
and then use that for efficient so now that we have our to clean fillets
there’s actually some bones left in here but we want to make sure we get them out
there’s the pin bones the run right across here the middle of the fillet you
want to make sure you get those out people I leave them in the manga
personally I don’t like it make sure you get right there between just a little strip of bone lay there no bones nothing left on it this one does the same thing so right
between the two fillets these pin bones on the fish they want to make sure you
get them all you can feel them on your finger between the the bottom side of
the fillet and the top run your fingers through you’re gonna feel about little
roll bones let’s call the pin bones and what you want to do is make sure you
come in with your knife just a little strip cut them off that’s basically it now we’re going to
take it over wash it off and prepare it for for baking so we’re going to do is
cut this delay four equal pieces and then we’re going to bake it in the oven next time we’re gonna do is we’re gonna
take some limes Rae on the bottom of Pyrex to fit our fish set it in you guys
won’t have to use grouper for this recipe I mean you can use any fish if
you go to your local fish market and you get yourself some whole fish you guys
can do this recipe without wasting any parts of the fish you could actually use
everything and a lot of the nutrition is it that bone broth like I said to you
guys the fish collagen it’s really really good it’s great for healing your
you’ve got your intestines you have an e group and intentional discomfort
collagen is a great thing for that College is also great for your tendons
and ligaments and it’s just an overall really really good thing to have as is
fishing or bone broth soup which I’ll be doing a recipe on that later on in the
channel but the lines you saw with the fish get a good amount of it using about
one and a half lines for this one some of that I’ve actually got some clarified
butter over here I’m going to put also over the fish and I’m using Kerry cold
butter and once that’s done which is very
simple just basically three ingredients once you got the fillets so I’m using
Old Bay seasoning and dog for you guys that fish your know about fishing you
guys know how good this stuff is most fishermen use old bait from other
recipes if you guys have a try it I highly recommend it this stuff is really
really good for fish whether it’s fried or baked like this or if you doing arm
shrimp oil or any of those recipes like that cold day is awesome
and our group of relays are ready to to be baked so basically that’s what we
have and then we’re going to put it in the oven at 425 degrees for about 15
minutes or so until the fish is cooked through okay guys so basically a grouper
is done use the fillets and we conserve this doing a keto diet you can have it
with cauliflower mash which I’ll put the link to that recipe right there above
and you can do it with zucchini noodles or you have it with a salad I have
plenty of different salad recipes keto friendly here on the channel if you guys
want to look for those if you’re not doing keto you have this with rice baked
potato however however you like that fish we probably got maybe four
small servings of fish the thing about red grouper is that a lot of it is its
head and bones it’s got a very big head for the size of the fish so that’s why I
like to use everything I used the head the bones and everything to make fish
bone broth or you know the soup and I try to utilize every part of up that
fish make a really really good soup with that and you guys will see that on
another recipe video that I’m also going to link here so that you have it there’s
the final the final recipe done and you guys can try this with just fish fillets
if you go through your fish market and you don’t want to do all that cleaning
and all that work and you buy fish fillets you could try this really simple
recipe just lemon butter and Old Bay seasoning you just bake it for 15 to 20
minutes at 425 degrees and you have a nice delicious baked fish recipe that
you could have your doing to eat or any other type of die very high in protein
and very healthy so I hope you guys enjoyed the recipe I’ll see you guys in
the next one remember to subscribe and share the channel so we can continue to

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