Catch Your Own Dinner At “Fishing Restaurant Zauo” In Shinjuku!

(upbeat rock music) – I’m Jonathan from favy in Japan. We’re in Shinjuku today, and we’re going to
checkout a new restaurant where you catch your own dinner. It’s called Zauo, it’s
a fishing restaurant, actually use a fishing
rod and catch your fish. So, let’s go check it out. We’re in Zauo, let’s go fishing. They even have an instructional booklet on how to enjoy Zauo. You get ready for fishing, get your rod, drop your rod in there, start to fish. Once you catch it, they
you go up to the chefs, they’ll cook it up for you and present it on a platter
right at your table. So I’ve just got some bait,
they’re little shrimps. You slide the head in
first, and around the hook. Now that we’ve got our
little shrimp on the hook, we can go fishing. Fishing now. (man laughs) (water splashes) Oh. Gonna bring him out. It’s being a little bit difficult here, splashing around. It doesn’t really want to go with me. Wow. He’s a feisty little fellow. Yeah, hey. (laughs)
– Hey. – Yeah. So I’ve just got my first fish. You get to choose the way
that you cook the fish here. So I think that I’m gonna
have this little one here done up in fried and some sashimi. Check this out. I’ve got he red snapper here, and straight off a fish onto the platter, this is as fresh as you’re gonna get. I’m gonna try this one right here. Pick it up, don’t dip it too much, just a little bit. Mm. Wow. That is the freshest
snapper I have ever eaten. It’s really, really very tasty. So, they just brought over
the deep-fried snapper. And it comes with a ponzu, so, kind of like a citrus soy in Japan. And you just add this into here, and dip it in the sauce. And let’s see how this tastes. Mm. Wow. It’s so crispy on the outside, it’s super, super moist in the inside. That is so beautiful. I can’t believe I’m
eating a fish this fresh, caught directly from there. Like, I was fishing 10 minutes ago, and now I’m eating sashimi
and deep-fried fish. What an experience. So, a couple of tips
for when you’re at Zauo. Make sure you try and book in advance, because it does get quite busy. Try the fishing for sure, even if you’ve never done fishing before. And make sure you get
your fish in sashimi, it’s the best way to enjoy the fish, because it’s straight out of
the pool, into the kitchen, and onto your plate.

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