CCS’ Administrators Dinner 2019

Cumberland County Schools celebrated our
top-notch administrators the CCS Administrators Dinner was the perfect
way to honor our “Leaders with Vision” the theme of the night the awards
presentation started with the announcement of CCS 2020 Assistant Principal of the Year and Dr. Natasha Brown from Lewis Chapel Middle School was named the winner I am honored and humbled and excited about being the face for the assistant principals for the 2019-2020 year it is an honor to serve in Cumberland County Schools I do enjoy serving our students and serving as a leader in this county so thank you so much her passion for education and believing in servant leadership has been the driving force of her six-year assistant principal journey she works diligently every day for the staff and students at Lewis Chapel Middle School Dr. Christine DiGaudio a 21-year veteran educator was named CCS 2020 Principal of the Year her 13 years of administrative experience prepared her for the unexpected moment on behalf of the staff and the students I would like to say thank you first and foremost to the Board for believing in us and trusting us to make a really big change last year and I think that we did you proud but we have a long way to go and I’d also like to thank you to everybody at the Board for Dr. Connelly everybody everybody who works downtown thank you thank you for thank you for being in our building for the last six years and helping us grow helping us be better teachers better principals better assistant principals the folks that I get to work with every single day are truly truly truly incredible but they are incredible because of the team effort of this county so thank you very much for helping all of us grow and I hope you guys have a good night she has been the
principal of Ireland Drive Middle School since 2013 and always leads by example she does her best every day to do what’s right for children as the evening came to a close it is clear that Cumberland County Schools is filled with
outstanding administrators

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