Ceaser Kicks Donna Out of the Paint Party | Black Ink Crew

– DONNA: Ceez, we need to talk. – Donna, I only got
one thing to say to you. Get the [bleep] outta here! – WALT: Oh [bleep]! – DONNA: You know what?
I came here for a reason, and right now I feel like
we should come outside and talk. – Come outside
and talk for what? I’m chilling,
I’m having a party. – So you don’t got the decency
to step outside and talk to me? – Decency?! That [bleep]
went out the door with her. I’m over this entitled brat! She doesn’t respect any of the opportunities
I’ve given her! – Out of all people, me,
you should have respect for, and you should
come step outside. Since I put myself on the line
for you in several occasions. – This woman has a completely [bleep] up interpretation
of reality. When the [bleep] has Donna ever
put herself on the line for me? Listen, I don’t need
to talk to you anymore. You don’t respect nothing. – Well, you all just beware,
you see what’s happening, right? Ceaser has no problem letting go
of a dedicated employee like me, who has been here
for five years, so just know that all your
positions is temporary. – You’re telling me
I have to go through you on how to run my shop?
– No, not at all, but you should respect the
opinions and you don’t. – You should respect my opinion.
I’m the boss, little girl. – ALEX: Honestly,
this is not how I expected tonight to go down. I didn’t realized Ceez
was this angry at Donna. I wanna chime in
and try to help the situation, but I don’t think Ceaser’s
in the mood right now. – “Little girl”? this is what your problem is–
– No, I say what goes in this bitch, not y’all. The [bleep]?!
I’m the one with the shop. It was me in this [bleep]
that’s been here since day one! I was tattooing in the [bleep]
projects, not nobody here! So don’t try [bleep] yo! – Right. Well,
good luck with your business. So, if that happened to me,
just beware about when it can happen to you. – CAESER: Yo, I’m beyond
pissed right now! I’m not gonna be disrespected
in my shop no more! Yeah, [bleep] have fun. And why the [bleep] Alex
trailing behind her like a little pussy?! You better step up
and grow some balls, yo! – KITTY: Ceez, come on, you could’ve at least
heard her out. – CEASER: Are you [bleep]
kidding me, Kit? Now you have an opinion? No one even chimed in on you,
mind your business. [bleep] Y’all bitches are tripping, man. – You’re were tripping! Listen, to me, it looked
like Donna was coming in to apologize,
and Ceez should have given her the respect to go
outside and talk to her. Now, I’m not defending
Donna’s latest behavior, but I am questioning Ceez
right now. – Don’t start that
[bleep] now, yo. I’m tired of people
disrespecting my authority! You got a problem?
You can leave with Donna, too. – Oh, so that’s how we do.
– CAESER: That’s how we go. – Alright, [bleep] you,
you on something right now. – What are you talking about?
– [unintelligible] [bleep] – [bleep] playing with me, man?! If you don’t like it,
you can [bleep] out too! – KITTY: Bye.
[bleep] you.

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  1. Donna too disrespectful. Kick rocks. He took enough of her disrespect and fake apologies. You get tired of it after a while. She doesn't take responsibility for her actions until laaaaater. She needs to be humbled. Watch the seasons. She got mad issues.

  2. Respect respect…and speak like a pig with each other…and this big asses girls….😶😶😶🤨🤔🤔🤔

  3. Donna. Is the kind of a employee that u don’t want to have . Disrespectful . Doesn’t listen . All ways talking back . And does fucked up work ..

  4. When he said “when has Donna ever put herself on the line for me” they should’ve cut to some times she did.

  5. It's his shop! And you all respect him more than Ryans employees do because Ceaser tries hard to not let "friends" own his shop. Plus, Donna, it doesn't matter how dedicated you are if you are not good at your job. Young Bae could be saying all that you are saying because she, unlike you, can tattoo. Donna isn't a tattoo artist, ao Ceaser can let her go whenever he wants because she is a waste of money. He could be investing in someone more talented and just as dramatic.

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