Celebrate 🎉 World Emoji Day 🎊 w/ SpongeBob, Henry Danger, Rise of TMNT & More | Nick

It’s time to play Emoji Showdown! Can you guess the show names
just by looking at the emojis? Let’s do this! [clock ticking] – Oh, please.
– Thank you, thank you so much. – Thanks, really.
– Just, it’s too much for us. [clock ticking] I was this close to not catching you. Just kidding, it was easy. No, I’ll throw myself in. This isn’t over! Let’s keep the game going! [clock ticking] Wow! This is a lot of hard work. We’ve only been out here five minutes
and you’ve already taken five breaks. – You know what we really need?
– Another break. [clock ticking] [laughing] That’s a good one, Patrick!
“On board”. [music playing] [clock ticking] ♪ Future super stars ♪ ♪ Let your dreams take you far ♪ All right, let’s keep going. [clock ticking] [cheering] Yes I did! [music playing] [clock ticking] We’ve all got problems. Try tossing and turning all night
because you have the horrible feeling you didn’t ace your science test. Not acing a test? Talk about a wah! You’re doing great!
We’re halfway there! Let’s keep playing! [clock ticking] [laughing] [clock ticking] I wanna win that big fancy cup. You can hold mine after I win. [laughing] – I’m gonna win.
– No, I’m gonna win. – No, I’m gonna win.
– No, I’m gonna win! Should we take away their swords? That’s a yes! Woo!
Some of these are hard. [clock ticking] [laughing] Nice job! [music playing] [clock ticking] Final key. Where are you? Ah! There you are! Let’s keep going! [clock ticking] Wow, that was a good one! Aw, Cat wasn’t that cool? Hey, I got a lot of these right myself. [clock ticking] Get in there, girl.
Oh, show off those long arms! Let me see.
Get the flag, get the flag! There we go!
Moving on down to Overstuffed. Let it go! Wow, this game’s going fast!
Only three more questions left. [clock ticking] [music playing] Go Babe!
Go Babe! Go Babe!
Go Babe! Go Babe! [clock ticking] Whoa!
Whoa! [laughing] Yeah! Woo!
This isn’t so hard. Yeah, just be careful. Yeah, no prob–
Hey, that’s my soda. [clock ticking] It’s show time! We got the skills. We got the color-coordinated team look. And who doesn’t love my one-liners?
They fire up the team, right guys? And that’s our game! Thanks for playing Emoji Showdown! OK, cool.
I win. Good game, guys. Good game. How’d you do?
Tell us in the comments! Keep playing until you become
the Emoji Showdown champion!

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  1. All of them are right except Sam and cat and night squad and I am Frankie and double dare and game shakers and henry danger.

  2. 🎤🏠👧🏻👧🏻👧🏻👧🏻👧🏻👦🏻👧🏻👧🏻👧🏻

  3. The game shakers one confused me so much cause I thought it was dice and milkshakes but I figured it out at the last second.

  4. 1. ICarly
    2. ? (Oh I love that show)
    3. Star falls(?) (Omg I got it)
    4. Spongebob squarepants
    5. School of rock
    6. ?
    7. Nicky, Ricky, Dicky, and Dawn
    8. ?
    9. ?
    10. ?
    11. ? (Wow I'm bad at this lol)
    12. CatDog
    13. ?
    14. ?
    15. ? (Omg I love that show too)
    16. TMNT

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