Celebrate 50 Years of Brown’s Open Curriculum

1969 was a time of tremendous change.
There were great changes in the country politically, artistically, socially and
economically. A group of Brown students came together to reimagine the
curriculum. Student activism became the Open Curriculum. And their work is
still evident on the campus today. When students are given the choice to define
their own pathways, it helps to empower them not only in exploring their
interests but in advancing the frontiers of knowledge. Brown’s Open Curriculum
really is what brought me to the school in the first place. The process teaches
you how to think. Just this ability to push yourself a little bit further and
try new things and explore more. To combine things in an education that you
would have otherwise never expected. Having people from different backgrounds
and from different viewpoints all working on the same topic looking at
through their own specific lens. It wasn’t necessarily something that had to
be imposed from outside it was something that I saw myself and others around me
desiring on our own. Having been accepted as a Fulbright Scholar, I became a better
researcher because I had knowledge of so many different fields. Brown’s
Open Curriculum really provides space to really embrace the challenges in our
communities and figure out different ways to solve them. I feel like I can go
into the classroom and nerd out with my students.The bonds that are fostered
between faculty and students as part of the Open Curriculum are what make Brown
exceptional. It’s created a university that stands alone in this bold
experiment, that continues the experiment, and continues to occupy a special place
among American institutions of higher learning. That’s really worth celebrating!
So come on everybody please join us to celebrate our 50th anniversary
celebration. Open Curriculum’s turning 50 come turn up with us! This anniversary is a tremendous milestone so please join us as we celebrate
50 years of Brown’s Open Curriculum.

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