Celebrate America 2020 | Rodney Howard-Browne

so tonight in the name of Jesus and by
the power of the name of Jesus I come against the structure that is holding
our nation in captivity right now I bind it and I render it powerless and
ineffective in the name of Jesus from the Supreme Court to the White House to
the executive branch to the Congress and the Senate I execute a restraining order
against you right now by the power of the blood of Jesus you stop in your
maneuver against this land In the name of Jesus we will stand once again we coming with the word of the Lord we
come in with the fire of God that’s what birthed America was the great
awakening of the 1700s America shall be shaken by the hand of God you can mark that down raising up an army for the harvest I see an army of men and women arising in this hour to see America shaken one more time and we are not going quietly into
history and we will see America shaken
our inner cities will be shaken people will come out of poverty this is the hour of the Church of Jesus

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