Celebrate Easter with Key lime pie for dessert.

You know Amber we South
Floridians are so spoiled. We’ve got the
weather, we’ve got the beach and we’ve got key
lime pie. New Yorkers love that too by the
way. it’s one of my favorites. It’s
actually one of those few things I can
cook. And
you can enjoy that deliciously sweet yet
part treat whenever and wherever. And by
the way Easter time is the perfect time
to try this easy recipe. Here’s
Ralph. (Music)
Hey it’s me chef Ralph Pagano and
welcome to my kitchen. There’s
no need to pull a rabbit out of the Hat
when it comes to creating a delicious
Easter treat and I got a way to make a
fun family favorite. We all love
the refreshingly sweet taugnt
taste of the Florida Key Lime. So today I’ve
got some great Key Lime recipes just like
mama used to make. Only faster and
easier. Dr. Oetker
has made it so easy for this key
lime pie recipe to come to life. Check it
out. So simple. I’ve got two
egg yolks, a little bit of water and the
secret mix. Goes right here into my bowl. Gonna mix
it all together, all the time on my stove
top. I’ve got boiling water and
a whisk these together. Now this is a
culinary term we call tempering, right. And when
you temper something you take the eggs,
the sugar and you want to bring them up
to temperature the right way but you
don’t want them to get all curdled and
lumpy. This is how you do it
the right way. You spin them together
like this, no lumps about it and then there’s
boiling water simply you just pour it up
right into the bowl, just a little
bit, maybe about a third what’s in that
pot. And
then I’ll temper those egg yolks that’s
going to make them really rich and
creamy. you know Dr. Oetker has been around
for 125 years. He’s the father
of the modern baking powder. This guy
knows how to bake! This stuff is so easy
to prepare. Alright so you mix it all
together now check it out into the pot we go. Just
like this, in look how easy this is right. The powder does all the work
I’ve got great key lime flavor. I’m
going to pour it into my crust. That’s
simple, look at that. Look how beautiful that
stuff is. This looks just like it,
when I make it at the restaurant. Exactly the
same way wow. I like to leave a
little bit in the pot for tasting
purposes later on mm-hmm. That’s it that’s how simple it
is. Now we
just need a couple of minutes for the
filling to cool off and in the meantime
no key lime pie is correct without a
little bit of a meringue on top. Right now
there’s just egg whites and sugar that’s
how simple it is. You need to
whisk it up a little bit with little hand
whisk or if you got the betta bring it
out. So
let’s get these soft peaks just like
this. The pies right there. You can just
take the meringue put it right on top. Just like this. You can make
little meringue poof’s, like this. You
can make little key lime tarts like
that. You
make key lime bars like this. Take out
your handy blowtorch and everybody
carries one around I know I do. Light it
up, give that meringue a little carmelization. iI’s like a
marshmallow on top of your key lime pie and i
can tell you between one good Chef and
one great Doc that we’ve got one fantastic
key lime pie. Sweet and taught the
whole family is going to love this. Hey, to find
out more about Dr. Oetker Key Lim e Pie
filling and dessert mix. Go
to Oetker.us That’s O-E-T-K-E-R.us
or visit our website thebalancingact.com
and don’t forget to share your
favorite recipe with us. This has been a
QuickByte but chew slowly. That’s
good. (Music)

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