Celebrate Galentine’s Day With Style! (Ladies Celebrating Ladies)

– Are you ready for the greatest
holiday of the entire year? Watch this masterclass for how
to celebrate Galentine’s Day. For the best women in tech advice, subscribe to our channel, and hit the bell to be notified when we post a new video every Tuesday. Every year on February 13th, women the world over gather together to celebrate Galentine’s Day, which is an entire day
of fries before guys. Just ladies celebrating ladies. So by the end of this masterclass, you will have our five golden rules for celebrating Galentine’s Day, plus eight party ideas to satisfy
all of your social scenes. At Somerville, we get the girls together at least twice a week, and now it is your turn. Okay, our first golden rule to celebrating Galentine’s Day is invite
people you actually like, which means no mean girls, no frenemies, life is
too short for bullies. So invite your real friends, step number one. The second rule of Galentine’s
Day is body faming, which, you may have guessed, is the exact opposite of body shaming. You are a incredible goddess deserving of all the amazing things in life no matter what your body looks like, how big it is, how small it is, how round it is, how flat it is, body faming. Celebrate what you got, don’t make conversation
by picking yourself apart, rule number two. Rule number three for
celebrating Galentine’s Day is self-appreciation
instead of self-deprecation. When we are self-deprecating, especially in a group, it can be in an effort to
make us seem more relatable or find some common ground, but oftentimes, we can accidentally offend somebody that wishes we had the thing that we are complaining about. So self-appreciation only. Brag about your awesome guitar skills even if you’re just learning or how you are really good at making dessert or whatever it is, but don’t talk about
the things you’re bad at or the things you wish you could change. Talk about the things
you’re really great at and see how the conversation changes. Now, if self-doubt is
starting to creep in here, go watch our masterclass on how to banish self-doubt forever so you can get a handle on it and keep going. Our fourth golden rule for how to celebrate Galentine’s Day is no gossip. If anyone you know had kids, didn’t have kids, got a new house, got a new car, got a new
husband, got a divorce, whatever it is, doesn’t matter, who cares. Instead of gossiping, ask
your girlfriends for help. What are you struggling with right now, what do you actually need, what could you use a hand with? This is an amazing swap when it comes to making conversation
that is good for everyone. Our fifth and final rule for celebrating Galentine’s Day is
celebrate all the things. As women, most of the time, our big celebrations are around getting married and having babies, but we do amazing things every day that are worthy of celebration. So if somebody has recently
dumped a crummy boyfriend, has recently gotten married, has recently had a baby, has recently gone on a big adventure traveling around the world
or climbing a mountain, if they’ve made their first big investment in the stock market, if they got a financial advisor, if they’re going back to school, if they’ve just graduated, if they got a promotion
or started a business, all of these things are
worthy of epic celebrations, so gather your girlfriends
together and throw a party. I know that generally party
planning is always a pink job. It always falls on women
to plan birthday parties and weddings and office parties and all the things, so now that you know how to
celebrate Galentine’s Day, what can you invite your friends to that people will actually want to do? Well, we have prepared
a list of eight ideas for less than $20 a head which you can complete in under
two hours to hopefully help you with this
additional emotional labor. Number one, you could host a spa night. Stock up on sheet masks
from the local chemist, grocery store, pharmacy, and hang out with a whole bunch of snail goo on your
face for a little while. Number two, host a pot luck. Cooking for a bunch of
people is really stressful, so if everybody brings something, it’s gonna be, A, super fun, and B, super easy. Number three, you can host a craft night. If you have crafty friends, if you have non-crafty friends that could become crafty friends, bring everyone over and
try knitting or needlepoint or whatever craft you’re into. Number four, you could
have a clothing swap. This is my personal favorite. Get all your girlfriends over, all the clothes that they’re
not wearing anymore and trade. It’s like having 18 sisters
that you can steal from. Number five, movie night. Have an amazing movie, watch all of the three
of the “Pitch Perfects.” Whatever you wanna do, just get everyone over, make a whole bunch of popcorn, eat a whole bunch of chocolate and watch a bunch of movies. Number six, if you are in
the northern hemisphere and it is currently winter
for Galentine’s Day, you can go sledding. Take your kid’s sled, take your nephew’s sled, whoever’s sled is closest, and get it on a hill and go just race down. If you happen to be in
the southern hemisphere and February is hot, then obviously a beach day. Remember, no body shaming. Number seven, again, a personal favorite, karaoke. Super fun, just like “Sex in the City 2,” except for not in Dubai, but maybe, get your girlfriends together and go sing some karaoke. Surprisingly fun. Get all of the power ballads in your heart out into the world. And number eight, if you are super tired
and everyone is so busy, just have your girlfriends
over and snuggle on the couch. The whole point is getting together. You don’t have to do a big thing with decorations and Instagram it. It can just be some quality
time snuggling and catching up and watching bad TV. So comment below with your
idea for Galentine’s Day. We would love to know
what you are planning. And now you know how to
celebrate Galentine’s Day, which help you and your
girlfriends band together and support each other like never before, which is great news if a new
career is in the works for you. And if you want that to be in tech, we have a great free training on how to become a woman in tech, start making six figures and be able to pay for
your girlfriend’s wrist, and maybe even take them
on a girl’s weekend. The link is below. Also, if you are short on girlfriends or just looking to meet more
women doing amazing things and going after all of their big dreams, join our Facebook group, The Somervillage. It is full of women chasing big goals and making things happen. There is no better place
to find the support and comradery that you
might be looking for. The link is below to that as well. And finally as always, if you liked this video, please like it. If you know someone that needs to see it, please send it their way and make sure to subscribe. We have new videos every Tuesday. Don’t forget to comment
your Galentine’s idea below. We’d love to hear what your plans are. Bye.

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  1. I love this! I'm not actually going out with the gals on actual galentines day but we are going for cocktails and dinner in a couple of week's time.

  2. Aw love this!!!! I am spending Galentine's Day with my new puppy; she and I will be sure to celebrate with self-LOVE!

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