Celebrate Global Ethics Day on October 16 with Carnegie Council!

– [Narrator] Ethics do matter. It’s what keeps our
businesses honest. Keeps our politicians grounded. Our environment safe. It keeps our biotech humane
and computers from taking over. And, you know, it stops us
from blowing ourselves up. Basically, when ethics
are taken for granted, we’re left with complete
and utter chaos. Global Ethics Day, created
by Carnegie Council, is a day dedicated to
the importance of ethics and how we can strive
to make the world, quite simply, better. No pyramid schemes. (alarm buzzes) No political scandals. (metal clangs) No illegally
bioengineered dinosaurs. No terminating robots. And yes, no blowing
ourselves up. We admit, this is a very
tall order in today’s world, but it doesn’t
mean we can’t try. What can you do to help? Start by visiting
globalethicsday.org. Create a Global Ethics Day
event that works for you, then post a selfie. We won’t judge you. Organize a lecture
and share it online. Show a movie that
makes you think or go ahead and plant a tree. Then take more selfies. Really, it’s okay. Anything to start
up the conversation. So please, don’t
miss out this year. Spread the word. Celebrate Global Ethics Day and help us make our world
a more ethical place.

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