Celebrate Henry Danger’s 100th Episode Ft. The Thundermans & iCarly Throwback | #3ThingsYouMissed

Get ready for Three Things You Missed. This week, we’re keeping it 100. Did you miss the fiesta churro in
Henry Danger’s 100th episode? Is that a party-sized churro? Dios mio. Ah! This is a fiesta-sized churro,
and you guys can’t have any. Yeah, this room is for
non-crime fighters only. Oh… Yeah, yeah, so you need to
get your butts outta here. Don’t tell me where
to put my butt, Charlotte! [yelling] – He’s wearing my colors man!
– Whoa! Geez. Look… let’s make a deal. What kind of a deal? You guys get to keep your room
all to yourselves. – Love it.
– Hate it. OK, I’m not done, I’m not done. Me and Ray, we get to keep
our room all to ourselves. [yelling] But… But Ray and I take
the fiesta-sized churro with us. Yes! Yes, yes, uh, we get the churro. – Deal.
– Deal. – Yes!
– Yes! Yes! God, this is huge! This is so big, this is so huge! Yeah… – You can take the churro…
– Yes! When you pry it from
my cold, dead hands! What? No! [yelling] What are you doing? No! [yelling] OK, it’s OK! Enjoy your churro! [spits] Eww. OK. OK. I’m gonna blow up the man cave! What about when Max and Phoebe
hit their thundredth save? Look, I’m double scooping it, baby! Whoa, nice save! Don’t be silly, Chloe.
That doesn’t count as– Congrats on your hundredth save! [cheering] Don’t worry Phoebe, this save
is way too lame, they’ll never make a movie out of it. Or will they? Look, I’m double scooping it, baby! Goshy woshy! Baby Chloe’s
ice cream is about to fall! We better spring into action,
Super Pheebs! Thunder Buddies to the rescue! [applause] Whoa, nice save! And remember the key
to a super potty… It’s your duty to wash your hands
after a doodie. [music playing] I don’t believe this. Who would possibly like this? Again, again, again! And if you love those, you can’t miss
this iconic butter sock clip from iCarly’s 100th episode. Why can’t you take your phaser
into the men’s room with you? Um, what? – Have you ever been in a men’s room?
– No. Yeah, well, ugh, ugh, ugh! [moaning] – He’s right.
– Ugh! Hey, it’s my buddy Lervin. – Just leave me alone.
– Why, Lervin? Who’s that guy? I don’t know.
I’ve never seen him before. What’s wrong, you don’t want to share
your sweet potato with me? – It’s a yam.
– What’d you say to me? Uh, nothing! Give me my glasses back! Tell me what you said
or I’m gonna break ’em! Please don’t, they’re trifocals! You know, I ought to bust you up. Really, you’re gonna bust up
a kid half your size? Uh, sit down, honey,
or I’ll bust you up too. – Oh, no.
– Poor guy. Ever seen a butter sock? – No, what’s it for?
– This! [moaning] [crashing] Alright, you got five seconds
to get out of here. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, out! [applause] Thank you for defending my honor. – Sure.
– Could I give you a hug? No, I don’t know where you’ve been! See you next week for another
Three Things You Missed.

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