Celebrate the Gift – Antigonish, Nova Scotia, August 2019

Celebrate the Gift: Antigonish, Nova Scotia L’Arche gathered over 140 people from across Canada To discuss how to make a more inclusive world I was so excited when I saw that this event was happening It is such a refreshing thing to come here You know it’s a L’Arche conference when there’s this amount of fun I have never seen a conference this inclusive It’s really cool We talk with ourselves at L’Arche a fair bit And it’s nice to learn from other perspectives How do you put people who are so different together? Professors Caregivers Non-profit leaders Government people And people with intellectual disability All in the same room? And I’m learning a lot We’re talking about post-secondary education Things about statistical significance and averages I’m not a numbers person but that made so much sense Of understanding diversity as a gift That “caring for” is necessary but insufficient That we need to go another step Of how to get to the “caring about” people Lots of great connections are being made The quick relationships that have been formed in like three days Making a lot of friends in Nova Scotia right now It’s nourished everybody Certainly everybody I’ve talked to has taken away one or many things I love it I’m choked up right now a little bit I’m 82 years old and I have not known as much about disability As I have learned through this conference Inside of L’Arche people often forget How radical and interesting what they’re doing is I’ve been here 36 years Of all the conferences that I’ve ever done This was the most inspiring, most amazing one that I’ve ever worked at I’m retiring this year And this will stay in my heart forever, this conference Wow Thank you Thank you! from L’Arche Canada Help us create a world where everyone belongs Support us

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