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  1. Dear Buzzfeed, not only Chinese celebrate Lunar NY. How about some Korean or Vietnamese recipe cause like you know, they celebrate it too???????

  2. 중국인만 Lunar New Year를 따지진 않습니다… Lunar New Year를 보내는 중국만 있지 않으니 한 번 찾아보시는 것도 좋겠네요. 너무 미국에서 chinese lunar new year 로 부르니까 디게 좀 그렇네요 ㅎ;;

  3. Some corrections/tips for steamed fish:
    1. fish = 魚 doesn't sound like prosperity exactly. It sounds like 餘 which means leftover/extra/abundance. Hence ppl usually call any fish dish 年年有餘 (= having extra every year = prosperity) around new year.
    2. Fish needs to be FRESH. Fresh ingredients are always great but if you have a fresh fish you might not even need the ginger (mostly to remove fishy smell).
    3. If you have a transparent lid, traditional trick to see if the fish is cooked is the eyes. If it's cooked the eye will turn white and pop out (as in video). They say you should steam it in one go or the fish will be ruined so this helps w not opening the lid a million times to poke it.
    4. Traditionally the point of the dish is how soft the flesh is, so it's barely cooked where the middle of the fish would almost stick to the bones. But depends on your preference.
    5. Putting a pair of chopsticks under the fish (across it) helps it steam more evenly. I imagine it's especially important if you like it barely cooked like me lol If you have a fat fish you can give it a cut along the back and/or stomach too.
    6. If you're lazy there is soy sauce for steaming fish you can buy, but ofc it's more customizable if you make your own.
    7. There's flesh in the fish's cheek which is like the softest part of the fish! Ppl fight for that stuff 😛

    Steamed fish is like my favourite dish so I just wanted to share what I know. ^^" Thank you Tasty for featuring some Chinese recipes. Happy lunar new year!

  4. Since so many people misunderstand the new year I will explain it. Lunar new year is a traditional Chinese New Year which is based on the moon. It meant a lot a lot to Chineses just like Christmas to christians. On the new year, no matter what everyone in your family will get together and celebrate it. But now, some other countries claims that it is their "own" new year which disgust a lot Chinese people. We are fine if they want to celebrate the festival too but they are disrespectful to Chinese cultures as they change the name of lunar new year to their new year.

    That's why now people are saying Chinese New Year, to remind everyone this is Chinese' culture. If Muslims take Christmas as their biggest holiday and claim that it is theirs. What will you think??( I am not offensive to any cultures and religions. This is just an example)

    Btw I love this video!

    Sorry for my bad English. If you have anything disagree with me, please leave a comment. Thank you !!

  5. Dumplings look pretty doable, ha husband just asking about me making him some again because was watch tryguys and Mike Chen attempting to eat 40o of them tonight. Prob try for V-day.

  6. Fun fact: calling the Chinese New Year “ lunar new year “ is not right. Chinese New Year is based on Chinese calendar, which is lunisolar one that’s why it’s new year always falls in Aquarius.
    What’s the real lunar calendar then ? The Arabic one.

  7. I love jiaozi!! It's very tasty when you dip it in a sauce made out of soy sauce, sesame oil, vinegar, garlic, and green onions

  8. wish Tasty would do a thorough research on truly special authentic CNY foods that are only eaten during these 15 days, instead of just ordinary every day chinese dishes

  9. it's Zheng Yu(steam fish) not Jing Yu(that's gold fish in mandarin…) y'all might wanna consider correcting it or I'm more than happy to come help with Chinese any time y'all need it~

  10. Btw, dumplings may be the must food on new eve night – > the Chinese from/in the northern regions in China / Shanghai , but not as for the southern Chinese

  11. Btw, dumplings may be the must food on lunar new year eve ( night )- > the Chinese from/in the northern regions in China / Shanghai , but definitely not for the southern Chinese

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