Celebrate Valentine’s Day 💖 w/ the Crush-iest Moments! Ft. Jace Norman, Breanna Yde & More! | Nick

Congrats, Char!
I’m really proud of you. Yay, me too! Do you think kissing really does
make people fall in love? Hmm… Maybe. I wonder when I’ll have my first kiss. – Oh.
– Oops. [kissing] [laughing] Well that… Was sooner than I expected. It’s all about the goose, isn’t it, Joey? Yeah. Sometimes I think I can get lost
in the goose’s eyes forever. It’s a goose, dude,
take it down a notch. [laughing] – I think you’re the goose.
– I know. [laughing] Thanks! How about a slide show? [music playing] Oh, it’s us at the park. That’s the time we tried to make pizza. Oh and that’s me… Eating this cookie
ten seconds ago, ho… How did you? Ssh, just watch! Had a lot of great times together,
how does that make you feel? Like the luckiest guy in the world. Aww. Look at this, look at my phone
and absorb this moment. OK. Hey, babe, it’s me, Henry Hart,
here in Swellview. [giggling] – Ssh!
– Ssh! So, it looks like I’m coming to New York,
er… Next weekend and since I don’t know anything
about New York and you live there, I was thinking
you might know some cool stuff to do? So, when you’ve got a sec, hit me back,
OK, talk to you later. – Oh my God!
– Right? Henry Hart just asked you on a date! – Oh my God!
– What, what, what, what? He said “Next weekend.” – Yeah, so?
– So, that’s Valentine’s Day! [gasping] OK, just going to take her hand… Yes!
Now, interlock fingers and… Yes!
Wow, she’s not letting go! Now all I need to do
is make eye contact. [laughing] Well, I gotta go
to the little m’ ladies room. [laughing] Me too! [laughing] – Why am I still holding her hand?
– Why am I still holding her hand? – Ah!
– Oh! I wonder how long
we have to stay down here, I’m already cold. Oh, here, you can wear my jacket. Do you believe that if two people
were meant to be that… Fate will find a way
to bring them together? Definitely! I do too. – Max?
– Alison? I’m sorry for being a jerk earlier, I still really like you but I get if
dating a super hero’s too weird and– [kissing] Sorry, that was the easiest way
to shut you up. [laughing] – Yes!
– Wow, glad you liked it! No… I mean, yes… But I found the orb! Now where were we? [laughing]

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