Celebrate Vanderbilt Move-In 2019 at the Ingram Commons!

Welcome to Vanderbilt! I have a complete blast helping out all the
freshmen. I
know what a what a huge experience it was for me personally and it really starts off the college experience. Welcome to Vanderbilt! The community, the family, the spirit, the
love. And I’m already hoarse! We are a Vanderbilt family and we look out
for each other. So we want to be sure that when our students
come here and they arrive on campus that they’re able to achieve their full potential. Welcome to Vanderbilt! Super excited for her. Now suddenly a little emotional. But yeah, I think this is going to be the
time of her life. I visited so many schools. But then when I came here everybody was just smiling and it just felt
like home. And it just felt right to be here. I’m super excited. Just like the incline on a roller coaster like I’m super nervous. I was really excited and it just finally got down the incline like it’s I’m
exhilarated. I’m ready to get started. Just driving up all the kids were out yelling you could really see their real enthusiasm
and it just I don’t know it just really touched my heart
made me so excited for him and then it made me feel part
of this community as well and it was just wonderful. I’ve been saying it’s just a great indication
of the power of the community here, the undergraduate community. It’s a real commitment to the new students and I hope they feel as welcomed as they really truly are! Anchor Down!

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