Celebrate with us the 50th anniversary of La Mauricie National Park!

A beaver logo appears on screen. “La Mauricie National Park, 50 years” appears on a wide shot of a lake criss-crossing a giant park. Someone is paddling a canoe. A great blue heron flies above the surface of the water. The camera flies over a body of water edged by evergreens. Several canoeists paddle across a lake. A man walks on the shore. He shows a woman a turtle. Mist covers a body of water, caressing a docked canoe. “Celebrate with us half a century of conservation, experiences and memories” appears on screen. parkscanada.gc.ca/mauricie50 appears,
followed by the Parks Canada logo. Copyright Her Majesty the Queen in Right of Canada represented by Parks Canada, 2019 appears, followed by the Government of Canada logo.

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