Celebrate World Turtle Day w/ Trivia & a Quiz! 🤔 | Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles | Nick

[music playing] Stay tuned for a quiz at the end. Raphael, the oldest and biggest
of the brothers, is a Snapping Turtle. Go big or go home! Snapping Turtle is one
of the largest species of turtle, weighing up to 35 pounds. That’s one titanic turtle. Their rocky, rigid shell and snappy beak
make them natural predators. These guys love to eat fish, birds,
and other small mammals. Minnow-cricket pizza anyone? Mmm. Snapping Turtles can’t pull their head
and legs into their shell for protection like some other turtle species. But they make up for it
by being aggressive and always ready for action. Even if that means
slamming straight into a wall. – Swoopin’ in to save the day.
– Oh! [yelling] Donatello, the tech wizard
with a fleet of battle shells, is a Softshell Turtle. You know what?
Turns out I cannot fix this. Softshell Turtles have a flat shell that’s more like a thick, leathery skin
than the hard shell. This, plus their webbed feet,
makes them excellent swimmers. And excellent snorkelers. Check out this long, tube-like snout. Get this guy a diving mask! They’re predatory carnivores, but they’re also very easily scared, especially by mutant pig people. [screaming] Leonardo, the wise-cracking hot shot,
is a Red-Eared Slider. And who doesn’t love my one-liners?
They fire up the team, right guys? Red-Eared Sliders get their name from… Well, these things.
Obviously. But their name also comes from
their ability to quickly slide off logs and rocks into the water. Wee! They love swamps
and are great swimmers. Like us humans, they’re omnivores,
eating plants and meat, like small fish and insects. What?
Isn’t that what you eat? Red-Eared Sliders are peaceful
and mostly harmless turtles, but they can also be very territorial. So don’t mess with their home,
or they might send you home. Yeah, home on a stretcher. Michelangelo, the artistic optimist,
is a Box Turtle. We’re gonna be heroes! Box Turtles can pull their head and limbs
all the way into their shell to protect against predators. Just a shell.
Nothing to see here. Mikey happens to be
the youngest turtle brother. But Box Turtles in the wild
can live to be up to 100 years-old. That’s almost as old as Master Splinter. Just kidding, Splinter! Box Turtles are omnivores, eating fruit, mushrooms,
and anything else they can catch, especially if it’s inside a pizza box. Cowabunga! Now let’s see how much you remember
about the real turtles of Rise. [music playing] Does this count as a win? I can fix this! We just came for the free pizza. How did you do? Keep playing until you become
the mega-ultimate turtle trivia master!

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