Celebrate your birthday with Gifts of Hope

When was the last time you had a really
memorable birthday? How did you celebrate it? Did you go
skydiving? Go on a trip? Spend it with family and
friends? How about change the world? This year make your birthday one to remember by
helping children and families in developing countries. It’s simple! Go online and sign up at plancanada.ca/birthdayregistry Next select Gifts of Hope that are
meaningful to you Then, invite your friends to purchase
these gifts and enjoy your day knowing your birthday will make a lasting
difference in the lives of children. So what are you waiting for? Sign up

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  1. Does the Money actually go to the Kids? Do the Families see it? Or is it World Vision where they take the Money and use it to make a Led Digital Sign outside their Building? If I had the chance. I would Deliver the Money face to face, Eye to Eye.

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