Celebrating 10 Years of Excellence (InFocus Film School)

Those of you just tuning in you are a part
of history. Everything goes through this huge rollercoaster. As you know making films is crazy. And you never know when you’ll get to the
finish line and what it will look like. In independent film, if we can have a community where we all get together and we’re all working hard in the trenches in pursuit of something we think is meaningful that is the most wonderful and magical thing. To look inside and be honest about certain issues certain pains and finding the way to express it in cinematic form. I feel that I’m working with people who have a vision that they want to fulfill. I came in here and it felt right. It’s a very tight-knit class as well. We do get a lot of attention when we need it, when we want it. We sweat and cry and realize ‘Yes!’ We made it. The war is over. It’s a new school but it’s gonna be here to stay because it’s got its heart in the right place.

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