Celebrating 10 years of WestJet Cares for Kids

Good Morning Class! Today’s lesson… MATH! WestJet Cares for kids. Yeah they do. Want proof? Here comes the math. Over the past 10 years; that’s 3,650 days. WestJet has been helping these eight charitable partners positively impact kids’ lives all across Canada by donating more than 65 thousand flights. Flights that help keep families staying at Ronald McDonald House together. No matter the distance Flights that help make travel wishes come true through Make-A-Wish Canada. Flights that help today’s youth become the leaders of tomorrow How many sides does this thing have? Donating 65,000 flights in 10 years is pretty impressive. 65,000 flights, divided by 10 years equals 6,500 flights a year! 6,500 divided by 365 days and you’ll get 17.81 flights a day. Wait, that means WestJet Cares for Kids has been donating approximately 18 flights every day for 10 years! See, math can be fun and this all goes to prove that at WestJet, Owners Care! But they couldn’t do it without you: their guests. Class dismissed. Chalk drop. You still here? Then check out some of WestJet’s other videos.

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