Celebrating 100+ Apple Arcade Games

– [Narrator] Over 100 games are now available on Apple Arcade. So, to celebrate I have put together a special video for you guys. I’m gonna give my thoughts
on the service thus far and I’ve invited four developers to share their thoughts on Apple Arcade too. (upbeat music) Apple Arcade definitely
lives up to its name, being a wonderful place to find games with a more arcade tone. The service covers a range of genres, from action and adventure, to RPG, multiplayer, and puzzlers. And while it’s definitely
missing, or limited with a few key genres, (upbeat music) Okay, I think you get the
idea of what I’m going for. The ones we have so far, offer
great stories and gameplay that can educate and change
your way of thinking. For example, “Assemble
with Care” by ustwo games, taught me about the
importance of connecting, listening and helping others around you. Then there is “Mosaic”, by Krillbite which showed me the negative
effects of social media in our modern age, how isolating
yourself from the world, can have big negative effects
on your mental health. The surprising game
“Grindstone”, by Capybara Games. This might sound ridiculous,
but for me the challenging and brutal puzzle gameplay,
was a firm reminder that persistence can be
the key to success in life, even if you fail and fall
back from time to time. And let us not forget,
“Lifelike” by kunabi brother. Their game was inspired
by natural phenomena. So, it uses calming gameplay techniques, such as meditation to provide a calming, hypnotic and soothing feeling
for those who are playing. Apple and the developers are
bringing us premium games, that can change our way
of thinking in real life. Apple is also giving game
designers creative freedom, without the risk that may
come along with development. Jeremy Spillmann from Blindflug
Studios the people behind “Stellar Commanders”,
recently talked about this topic on YouTube saying. – For the first time as a developer you don’t really need to
worry about user acquisition costs or running expenses. You can just create
the game that you want, the game that will make the players happy and that is a creative freedom
that is extremely liberating. – [Narrator] My favorite
feature of Apple Arcade, is having the ability to
play these games across a range of Apple devices, all which have different
resolutions, inputs, and radically different
hardware capabilities. It is a technology feat,
that should not go unnoticed. I love being able to play
these games on my television, and if I want to go portable, I can just jump onto my iPhone. Because of iCloud back-up,
my progress is usually saved across all devices, and the
games are playable offline, so I can basically play
whenever, and wherever I want. And, it’s a shame, many
overlook or judge Apple Arcade because the catalog of games in their eyes don’t have advanced graphical fidelity of what you may see on PC or consoles. In my eyes, it’s very
clear, that the developers have spent so much time perfecting every little aspect of their games. Just look at “Manifold Garden”,
William Chyr first started working on his game back in November 2012, that’s seven years of development. And during this time the world has evolved and evolved to what you finally see today. An unprecedented place where
geometry repeats infinitely in every direction, and falling down leads you back to where you started. – First year, first year and
a half I was very motivated. I’d wake up and just be
excited to work on the game. The second or third year,
that started to fade and that’s perfectly normal. I think of this quote often,
and I’m paraphrasing a bit, “If you only write when
you’re motivated you might be a pretty good poet but
you’ll never be a novelist.” That same sentiment applies
to long game projects. – [Narrator] And might I
mention Revolution Software’s upcoming “Beyond a Steel Sky”, which is sequel to the 1994
classic, “Beneath a Steel Sky”. According to Charles Cecil
who held a conference at AdventureX 2019, “Beyond
a Steel Sky” is their most ambitious project yet. – It’s such a pleasure to bring
back some of the principles that actually Revolution was
founded on and bring them back into a modern domain using the
power of the Unreal Engine. But in its heart, absolutely
unashamedly, an adventure game where you talk to people, you
find out what the story is, you drive the story through
puzzles and that the puzzles and the character in the
world are logical in the way that they behave. Very much our most ambitious adventure. – [Narrator] And I think I
should mention the removal of games having advertisements
or in-app purchases. Because today, more than
ever games are plagued with free-to-play business
models, or season passes, or paying to unlock chests,
paying to unlock skins and power-ups, and it goes on and on. I’m sick of it, and I think Apple are too. Apple Arcade hasn’t gotten
rid of this recent trend, and I don’t think it ever
will, but what I do believe, is that it will inspire more
developers to create games that are not built on gacha game mechanics and even for gamers to not be persuaded into supporting this trend either. And that’s my thoughts
on the service thus far, but I also wanted to hear
directly from the developers. So, I’ve contacted four and
asked them this one question, “What does it mean to you to
be a part of Apple Arcade?” First, Sunnyside Games, who
made “Towaga: Among Shadows”. “For us it’s simple, it
means that we can finally make the games we always wanted to make. Without ads, or in-app purchases. A dream coming true, to be honest. Apple are really focusing
on creating great games. It’s quite fantastic
to be a part of this.” Up next we have Marble it Up Collective, who made “Marble it Up: Mayhem”. “It means to me the chance
to make games better for everyone. Making games that are really fun and don’t try to manipulate
you into monetizing. Apple is really clear that the
number one metric for Apple Arcade games is people
playing them and having fun. I don’t want to see a world
where everything is free to play adware and working with Apple lets me make a real difference.” Now here is a short video
message from we.R.play, the people behind “Explottens”. – [Narrator] And here is EFECTO STUDIOS, who made “Decoherence”. “It was very exciting to have
this opportunity with Apple to create a game for a super wide audience without having to compromise our game with any of those
microtransaction mechanics. It was challenging too because
we had to support gamepad, touch and mouse and keyboard controls, but it was totally worth the effort.” What do you think of Apple Arcade so far? Do you have any suggestions
to improve the service? Do you agree with original
statement by Apple, that it would feature
ground-breaking games? Let me know your thoughts in the comments. Leave a like if you enjoyed the video and subscribe to be
notified about upcoming Apple Arcade videos. Anyway, thanks for watching.

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  1. Excellent video again! Have you tried Neo Cab? A true console experience from my perspective. Not without flaws, but quite fascinating for a weekend

  2. I love the concept, but I want to play the games that Apple is shying away from so far: FPS, racing simulations, and flight sims. I'll probably give it a go anyway and see if I like it. After all, for only $5 a month it won't take much to feel like I get a good return.

  3. Hey thank you for another great Apple Arcade video. I enjoy your videos as much as the games! I am Really enjoying Apple Arcade, I mainly play via my Apple TV 4k. Fun games, and they look awesome. I think the developers are doing an incredible job. I really look forward to what the future holds for Apple Arcade. Please keep making these awesome videos!

  4. I admit i still do play a handful of gacha games over the years. But Apple Arcade is the place to be when it comes to ad free quality IOS games. And this channel is the place to be when it comes to Apple Arcade games.

  5. I really appreciate you've made fast upcoming news on Apple Arcade, and reviewed what I've not played. This work will be also helpful for developers.
    Anyway, can you make a video about what arcade games can be controlled by keyboard on iPad? I don't have a mac, but I really have a desire to experience the keyboard gaming on iPad.

  6. Totally agree Apple Arcade is defiantly a must if you own an Apple device and if you are into mobile gaming. There are games on the service that I have spend hours on thus far and has been really fun playing them. I'm patiently waiting for the upcoming titles Beyond a Steel Sky and The Pathless as well, I believe these two games are going to be just as great. MrMacRight keep on doing what you are doing with these videos they are awesome to watch!!!

  7. You are publishing great videos dedicated to Apple Arcade… I’m only logging in Arcade after watching your videos… it is a mess there, finding your choice of game is hard and time consuming in the store, watching 30 secs videos, reading reviews (which are very limited in my country, Turkey). Keep on with great contect! Thx MrMacRight 🙂 (watching your other Apple dedicated videos too)

  8. i've signed up just to support this business mindset where its all about the games again! the great games i've played while subscribed is just gravy!

  9. You are comparing a triple A game that you buy once but has online services that need to be kept up. You think those people do that for free?

    You think that World of Warcraft, Final fantasy 14, Guild Wars 2, and Elder Scrolls Online just have people who work for free keeping the games going?

  10. I picked Apple over Stadia, and Project xcloud. I like the non loot box and no ads 😀 respect controller supported

  11. Great just bought IPad Pro was gonna get gaming laptop but love the simplicity of iOS mobile games and this iPad Pro is fast as fuk
    Thanks for all the great reviews mr Mac really helpful
    Peace out from the UK

  12. These games all have character and charm which you simply do not see elsewhere. The 8th gen AAA game scenario has been nothing short of a complete letdown with most titles still fetching $80 for brokeness!!!! … so Apple Arcade is a breath of fresh air!

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