Celebrating 100 episodes of Stanford Engineering’s “The Future of Everything”

(upbeat music) [Narrator] From the campus
of Stanford University [Russ Altman] People
are worried about data, their worried about their privacy and their security. They should be, we need secure systems. – [Narrator] This is the
future of everything. (upbeat music) – [Ami Bhatt] There isn’t
just one healthy Microbiome. You know, there isn’t
that golden poop out there that we should fecal
transplant into everyone and then we’ll all you know, look like a Kardashian
and live for 250 years. – [James Landay] It
could detect her emotion. Okay we haven’t quite put
that in our prototypes yet but Peco will detect whether a student is
actually frustrated or not when you’re trying to teach them. That’s key. – [John Markoff] All over the world, except for Africa and the Middle East, the world is aging at a rapid rate. And so I changed the question
I ask as a journalist. I used to ask, when will
there be self driving cars? Not anymore. I ask, when will there be a robot that can safely give a
shower to aging human, and nobody has a good answer. – [Monica Lam] Just think about it, it’s like the virtual assistants
are like the new browsers. This is how you use language to access all the different services and digital devices. And I call this the linguistic web. – [Mehran Sahami] We would lament the fact if we lost all the English majors and lost all the Economics majors because what we’re actually seeing now is more problems require multi disciplinary
expertise to really solve. And so we need people across the board. But I think what students have seen, especially in the last ten years, is that computer science
is not just about, you know, sitting in a cube
programing 80 hours week. Its about solving social
problems through computation. (upbeat music)

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