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(gentle music) – [Host] In the year 2000, the
first robotic surgery system was approved by the FDA for
general laparoscopic surgery and made commercially
available in the United States. The FDA approved the robotic
surgical system for use at five U.S. hospitals, one of which included Henrico Doctors’ Hospital. Following the FDA approval,
Dr. William Kelley Jr. became the first physician
in the United States to successfully complete the
first robotic-assisted surgery. In 2002, Henrico Doctors’ Hospital was the site of the
first minimally invasive, single-site robotic surgery
in the Mid-Atlantic Region. Again performed by Dr. William Kelley Jr., The laparoscopic cholecystectomy procedure allowed our surgeons to make only one cut with more stability and greater dexterity for the first time in enterprise history. – My colleagues from other institutions are amazed that a 250-bed
community hospital been such a leader in the
field and has been able to rationalize that early
investment, to stay with it, and to expand the number of
robots that are available across multiple specialties. Here, innovation found a home. Started off, first of all,
with the first commercially available robot, and secondly, having done the first operation with
a robot in the country. I owe a great deal of
thanks to the nursing staff and the administration in being
supportive of the program, and really helping us take
the lead that we’ve never lost in this field. Once you put a computer
between the surgeon and the instrument, you just can’t compete with the precision that that conveys. – [Host] Since Dr. Kelley’s
first case in 2000, Henrico Doctors’ Hospital
has celebrated additional robotic surgical firsts, including… Since the year 2000, more
than 1.5 million robotic procedures have been
performed worldwide, focusing on specialties including
cardiac, gynecology, urology, colorectal, and general
surgery procedures. With an average cost of $2
million per robotic system, Henrico, Parham, and Retreat
Doctors’ Hospitals are proud to have a total of seven robots with over 72 trained
robotic surgeons to date. Dr. Ceceilia Boardman,
gynecologic oncologist at Henrico Doctors’ Hospital,
completed the 10,000th case in November of this year. – The 10,000th robotic
case is a huge milestone. There’s so many benefits
of robotic surgery for the patient and their
overall surgical experience. It’s been a wonderful,
wonderful transformation for what we do. Our team in the operating
room distinguishes us. The staff that we work
with are nurses in the OR. I’m so happy and excited to
be part of the team here, and to be able to offer
this for the next generation of patients who need surgery. – [Host] On behalf of Henrico, Parham, and Retreat Doctors’
Hospitals, we want to say a heartfelt thank you to
all of our staff, nurses, and physicians for making
this milestone possible. 10,000 robotic cases
marks only the beginning of the next era of surgical innovation and patient care for our community. – Congratulations on being a part of 10,000 robotic surgeries. It’s such an incredible milestone. – It’s 10,000 patients
who’ve been treated with a precise surgical
intervention that’s cured their disease, made their lives better, so thanks to everybody involved. – [Both] Congratulations
on 10,000 robotic cases. – [Group] Great work on 10,000 cases! – Congratulations– – On 10,000 robotic cases! – Great job on 10,000 cases. – Congratulations, 10,000
robotic surgeries, woohoo! We couldn’t have done it without you. – I’ve done four generations of robots, so congratulations, Henrico
Doctors’ on 10,000 cases. – Congratulations, thanks
for all that you do, and thanks for taking care
of all of us every day. We love you guys. – Thanks for everything
you do and all the support, and let’s do 10,000 more. – I am so excited to be a
part of this awesome team. 10,000 cases strong! – Robotic surgery has been
an absolute game changer for patient care. Congratulations, HCA. – Happy 10,000. – Congratulations,
Henrico, on 10,000 cases. Here’s to 10,000 more. – 10,000 robotic surgeries. Congratulations on serving our patients’ gynecologic surgery needs. – This would not be possible without the incredible team that we have. – Congratulations,
10,000 cases, way to go! – [Both] Congratulations on a 10,000. – Congratulations on 10,000 robotic cases! – From Retreat, we wish
a happy 10,000 cases. – Congratulations to 10,000 cases. – [Group] Congratulations on 10,000 cases! (inspiring music)

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