Celebrating 125 Years of Mercedes-Benz Motorsport

This year Formula One celebrates its
1,000th Grand Prix and it happens to be also the 125 years of Mercedes
motorsport looking back at Mercedes’s history in motor racing there’s great
moments that come to my mind the fantastic years with Sir Stirling Moss
and Juan Manuel Fangio in the famous Silver Arrows and our consecutive
successes in DTM we are the most successful participant in the DTM series
Formula 3 titles and obviously five Formula One titles, five double titles
and that is something we can be proud of When you read about the historic Silver
Arrows one name sticks out and that is Hans Herrmann. He was hired as the young
guard to challenge the older more established drivers Norbert Haug carried the baton of
Mercedes motorsport for a very long time and he’s one of the founding fathers of
the Mercedes Formula One team today Well, I think the model range was quite a
different one to what Mercedes has today obviously but if you look back in the
90s the task was to change the image a little bit to get more sporty, then mr.
abhart who was responsible board member for passenger cars said to me motorsport
is communication and I think that was a very good and very important sentence a
great vision he has had and I think what happened since then the last 30 years
test shows that the brand developed in a very very positive direction and a very
good direction that the brand is very successful, has a good spirit, competitive
spirit and so I think this starting point at the beginning of the 90s was a
very important one I was very lucky at the end of 1989 after
successfully in the German Formula 3 Championship I was part then of the
Mercedes-Benz Junior team with Michael Schumacher and Heinz-Harald Frentzen, we had
the privilege to join the Sauber Mercedes Group C team and yeah I mean at this
time actually my professional motorsport career started so I was involved in a
in a very big professional factory team I got a little bit of salary and then I
was really from that time on a professional racing driver and I think
it was a very very big lift up for my career at this time at the end of 1989.
One of the favorite memories was my first race that the start of the season
in 1990 it was the first race of the season in Suzuka in Japan and they
arrived there and I didn’t know really what to expect because honestly speaking
some at some test sessions my performance was not the best I was
a little bit not too comfortable in the car and then arrived to Suzuka the first
time there didn’t know the circuit and I thought okay whatever you do now just to
try to do your best and then it worked out quite well I could finish the race
second together with Jochen Mass and my lap times were quite competitive in the
finished second in my first race in Group C and I think it is one of the
best memories I have You know we we started with McLaren in Formula One and
you always remember your first victory in Formula One this was 97 in Melbourne
with David Coulthard we painted a car in a new design in a silver design it’s you
can see it behind us the car is the 98 car so one year later in 98 he won the
first World Championship with Mika and well that was a big starting point for
great huge success in Formula One Norbert amongst others took the risk in
joining Formula One and was able to keep the engagement up for many years that
were very difficult years and after 2014 we were able to harvest the pain and the
effort that was being put into the sport by Norbert and his colleagues And the team
right now the works team is continuing they won 5 World Championships in a row
which is absolutely remarkable and nobody no other team did a better job in
the history of Formula One than they are doing currently Motor racing is the DNA
of Mercedes whether we win or we lose we will be always trying to do our best.
It is always very difficult to aknowledge what you’re doing whilst it’s
happening for the history of Mercedes-Benz in Formula One but I would
very much hope so that if we are looking back in 20 or 30 years that we will
acknowledge the late 2010 years as one of the most successful periods of
Mercedes in Formula One

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  1. The best mesuam car Mercedez and driver so tim Mercedez good Grixf FI .😀👍☺🌷👌🤗👍👍👏👏

  2. Congrats guys! I'm a Ferrari fan but it's obvious how rich your history is and how much everyone involved loves this team and I just want to say I'm impressed! Good luck!
    P.S. you won't be winning this year 😉

  3. here's to the next 125 (and onward) 🍻🇩🇪🇩🇪🇩🇪

    -a little congratulations from a fan of your closest rival

  4. Don't know the model number, but I find the No.2 Warsteiner sports car to be incredibly beautiful. If anyone could give me the model number and type, I'll be able to do a bit of research on it. Thanks.

  5. I went to the museum in Stuttgart, returned to the US, and just had to buy a Mercedes. I have not been disappointed.

  6. Thanks for the fascinating video! I really enjoy all these interesting nibbits about Mercedes history, without the rich history, there can be no future. Keep up with the passion and innovation. Here's to many, many more 125 years to come! <3

  7. I used to love mercedes cars when i was younger. My mom had a 2007 c class, my dad had a 2008 r class. They then switched to audi for a while because i had a job there.

    But now, I work for mercedes and i very proud to be part this team. By parents both went back to mercedes and own a 2017 c class coupe and 2017 cls. Mark my word mercedes, when i finish university, I'm getting a mercedes.

  8. How lucky am I, a fan of the Silberpfeil born in the era of Mercedes' grand return into F1. What a team, what a history. Celebrate your 125th year with a double world title! So you will!

  9. Great Video!
    Right Now the Only Thing I'm Thinking about is Celebrating a Mercedes 1 / 2 in China! Go BEAT those Ferrari!

  10. I ♥️ you because you're the " Best or Nothing " and you keep pushing the bench mark higher and higher every time you come up with the next.

  11. 5:20 I would give my life to be in this room and take a picture with every single car. Including the Mclaren-Mercedes ones. I love you Mercedes. 125 years of greatness !!! <3

  12. It must have been so cool for Lewis and Valtteri to drive those old Silver Arrows !
    Also 3:18 that transition with the logo

  13. Melted my heart when toto was in his element in the race car. Passion burns through and shines. Keep up the good work. Godspeed my friends.

  14. I worry that maybe they should let someone else win a championship,
    so the regulators do not get mad and ban their Hybrid technology.
    I do not want to repeat myself, and sound like the man who cried Wolf…
    but Toto would know why I deserve to be the first to drive over 300mph, on the Autobahn, in an all electric Merc.
    {please, before Ferr. does it!}

  15. I would not mind getting locked in that warehouse for a couple of weeks. I would never get tired of walking around and just studying the cars.

  16. Everytime it looks like you guys were doing a good job and at this time you still doing that congrarulations for the championships and congratulations for your good work

  17. Mercedes I just wanted to say that this last race ( in china ) was a spectacle, it was an amazing performance from you guys and the pit stop you guys had today with the double stack was phenomenal. I am at a loss of words for how amazing that was. You guys are truly amazing keep up the great work. You guys are truly amazing❤️

  18. Why always Silverstone ? Whats about Hockenheim ? Its our german hometrack and you all should give HOCKENHEIM a bit more attention … sorry aber das geht gar nicht und läuft auch ned so … unterirdisch echt…

  19. The Best in the World Look at These Fantastic Cars. CLK gtr, Sauber C11, 190 EVO DTM ✔️❤️ In Germany: Das Beste oder Nichts!

  20. I love Mercedes, really.

    But in F1, Vettel is my hero because he is german and the successor of Schumacher at Ferrari.

  21. Sehr schönes Video, aber aus der DTM auszusteigen für die Formula E halte ich für einen totalen Griff ins Klo und ich denken das wird sich auch über die Jahre beweisen und eine große Lücke in der Kasse hinterlassen. Die Formula E wird niemals so populär wie angepriesen. Stimme dem Zitat von Lewis Hamilton zu 100% zu.

  22. Mercedes Benz should have it as an option on their AMG's. A plaque with these words:
    "Mercedes Benz. Not only fast, but also reliable"
    – Hans Herrmann

  23. I always associated Ferrari with a long motor racing heritage but Mercedes obviously go back much further. I would love to see a more in depth film on Mercedes Motorsport.

  24. Gotta love Mercedes! Such an innovative brand, filled with a lot of history and amazing cars! Keep up the good word Mercedes. The best or nothing!

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