Celebrating 150 years of the Estonian Song Celebration | Case Study | Zelos App for Volunteering

2019 marked the 150th anniversary of the Estonian Song Celebration, a festival of native song and dance with over 100,000 people converging on the Singing Grounds of Tallinn. I am Luise Sommer, coordinator of volunteers at the Song Celebration. Over the course of four days, more than 40,000 performers, supported by 2,000 paid staff, entertained an audience of locals and visitors from around the world. 32,302 singers are currently participating in the festival and the singing ground fits 100,000 people. Currently all tickets are sold out. The team consists of 2,000 members, of them about 100 are volunteers. The Estonian Song Celebration’s volunteers are a small but vital team, when there’s a last minute emergency, the volunteers are there to pick up the slack and get things done. The volunteers help with small tasks and upcoming errands. With Zelos, we delegate simple tasks to volunteers so the organisers can focus on the big picture. Zelos quickly gets us rid of all little tasks that we couldn’t predict in planning. For an event of this size, the day-of, on-site issues arise on the go, and can range from costume supply to food transportation to guiding participants through the crowds from one place to another. With an event of this size, so many different little problems come up, and Zelos really saves me here. I just enter tasks into the software, and there they live their own life until solved. It makes my life much easier because I do not have to keep in mind what’s done and what’s not. I just put all the tasks into Zelos, and soon they are done! This year, nearly a hundred last-minute tasks came up over just four days But with Zelos, Luise knew she could count on her team to get the job done. The Estonian Song Celebration will return in 2022, and we look forward to seeing – or hearing! – you there.

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