Celebrating 20 Years of Eagan Women of Note

*Music* Yay for the 20th anniversary! We’re really
excited it’s actually really impressive for a community group to be around for
this long. I helped start the chorus back in 1999. My husband sang with Eagan Men’s
Chorus and one evening the wives were having dinner with them and they came
and said we have to find a new sponsorship so we’re gonna go to Eagan to see if they’ll sponsor us and I said well if you’re gonna go and get
sponsorship from Eagan, I’d like to start a women’s chorus. We started with about
eight and we’re up to about sixty now. The mission of the Eagan Women of Note is not only just to come together as a community of women and sing, but it is
also to bring music into the community especially for those who can’t always go
out and seek music themselves. There’s nothing like going to the
veteran’s home and seeing their bright smile light up their face
when they recognize the song and they want to sing along with us. We go to
senior citizen homes or community centers or you know other places we get
to sing and bring that gift and bring kind of those treasures to them and then
they bring the gift of listening to us. It was a 60’s concert, a woman literally
cried and so to know that we make a difference that we take them someplace
and we make them feel and that they’re feeling what we’re trying to give them
made that probably my favorite concert ever. Being a part of this really caring group
of women is one of the things that I enjoy most about the choir. Well you know I’m looking forward to continuing to sing with the group and I’d like to see
us you know we’re continuing to expand our repertoire and you know we keep
getting more and more members which is awesome because the more singers you
have the more sound you can produce so you know I’m just looking forward to
continuing to do some really fun, creative things with the group. They’ve
been strong since I’ve been here, they were strong before I got here and I
always hope that they always do harder music but also maintain the sense of fun
that they’ve always had as well. I hope EWON’s around for at least
another 20 years. I’ll be there as long as I can sing. It’s just amazing to share
our love of song with the community. This is a community of women who are very
strong and supportive and really it’s an honor to be a part of the group because
this group of women they are just all so amazing. I love our director, I love all the women in the group it’s just a fun mix of ages and blends of
backgrounds. It’s really incredible that this group has been around and I hope it
lasts another 20 years. 20 years of growing a heart that that’s a giving
heart to everyone in the community. You know I just hope that we keep getting out there and singing in more and more places, just to spread the music, the love of music. *Music*

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