Celebrating 20 Years of Excellence

The USF School of Physical Therapy and
Rehabilitation Sciences has grown enormously. That first charter class, there were, I think, 18 students in the class and it was a master’s program so one of the things that’s grown is in terms of developing the Doctor of Physical Therapy vs. the Master of Science in Physical Therapy. I do remember a teacher, Dr. Maitland was his name and it was like one of our first semesters in school, he jumped up on a table and he started doing a dance and he was like talking about the different joints and the bones and everything attaching. He played music and he made us all get up and do it, too. Being an alumni is just something I’m very proud of and I think working across the street, too, helps because I’m constantly over here and I get to mentor the students which helps me feel like I’m giving back to the school. Yeah, being able to help anybody whenever I can, it really makes me happy. Being out here on my clinicals for the first time, it’s been a very eye-opening experience, especially through USF. There’s just so much opportunity here and it’s a very great learning experience. [Dr. Swisher] And it’s just been amazing over 20 years to look at all the things that our graduates are doing to make physical therapy in the Tampa Bay area amazing and I also think that the alliances that the faculty have in the clinical community that they’ve made a difference for the quality of physical therapy. Happy Anniversary. Happy Anniversary. Happy Anniversary, USF PT.

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