Celebrating 20 Years of the ACN Opportunity — The Video That Launched Our Celebration

I can’t believe it’s already here, ACNs twentieth anniversary. It seems like only yesterday were Robert,
Tony, Mike and myself sat around a kitchen table and came to
the realization that there wasn’t a company out there that we could put our faith in. We decided that our only option was to
instead create that company ourselves. Yet here we are today two decades later with tens of thousands of lives changed
for the better. We knew we would have our doubters and there would surely be more uphill climbs than
downhill rides. Our twentieth anniversary wasn’t
something we were even thinking about. We didn’t dare to dream that big. All we were concerned with in those
early days was just laying a solid foundation. It’s been far more rewarding than we could ever have imagined. In fact it’s those humble beginnings, those challenges that make today that much better. The success of everyone involved, that much sweeter. We’ve been given this incredible gift, the opportunity to change lives if
they want to be changed, a way for people to finally start
dreaming again and start living, I mean really living. This is a tremendous responsibility
that we don’t take lightly. But even with all the successes spanning twenty incredible years everything we’ve done the leading up to
this point has simply been laying the groundwork. And the very best part- the best is yet to come.

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  1. I'm 3 months in the business and excited and on fire not to just reach my dreams but live them!!! I thank God for the ACN opportunity.

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