Celebrating 2019 Graduates at Indiana University

Every student at IU has a different
narrative and life journey. You all come from diverse communities all over
Indiana, all over the United States, all over the world.
Yet, you were all drawn to something about Indiana University. Your stories
collide, if only for a moment. your dreams may differ but you will still be unified
in reaching for your goals. And, if in the future, you ever begin to question the
worthiness of your ambitions, consider that the beauty of life is not in never
falling, but rather in rising each time we fall. Today is an opportunity to
celebrate you, to honor your achievements and to acknowledge the many family
members and friends whose support has helped each of you earn a degree. Where are you going next? The uncertainty of the future can feel overwhelming and intimidating but take solace in knowing
you are capable of overcoming any challenges presented to you. Wherever
your next steps take you, your education at IU has prepared you as no other could.
It has open the doors through which you are now walking into your future. It can
be easy to get caught in this hamster wheel where the monotony of life tricks
you into thinking “I’ll be happy when I have a big house, a graduate degree, or a
dream job.” Rather than waiting for the future chapters, hang on to every word of
your story as it’s being written in real time. Feel how vibrant and enriching life
can be if you savor the flavor of this very moment, this very heartbeat, these
very people around you. Your diploma signifies a remarkable life achievement.
It characterizes your vision, your dedication and your determination. It
represents the countless hours spent both in and out of the classroom
studying, writing, researching and solving problems with fellow students. As you
celebrate the completion of this chapter of your life, we would challenge each of
you to consider what your legacy will be. What pieces of this campus will you take with you into your future endeavors? What experiences as an IU
graduate has shaped the person you have become? Today, we celebrate the conferral
of degrees but we also celebrate your individually unique identities and the
legacies you will each leave behind.

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