it’s New Years Eve we’re in Times Square
and Margaret slow mad at me because I want to get I want to get back in to get
my camera after our show this morning so let me give you a little background on
why Margaret was mad at me so this is Time Square this is where the ball or
draw this right here is our hotel room and that morning we went over to here to
see the rocket we went to Rockefeller Center show which was great
now the Rockets show which was great but I want to get back in to get my camera
and the security here is crazy crazy yeah you can’t go down this street you
can’t go down that street but we appreciate everything they’re doing
check this out look at the line of these people kind of
wait to get through this blind stretch four or five walks look how many people they are so my family are having lunch at a
Rockefeller Center which is about a block away from where we were these will
be the best path to go from a hotel room to the Rockefeller Center
however because security was so bad all right so we’re now heading down at the
52nd which is ten blocks out from Times Square there is blocking it off ten
blocks out so we’re trying to get across Rockefeller Center to meet our families
for lunch and it’s already blocked out this far so I’m gonna try and get across
here to Rockefeller Center all right so 52nd doesn’t work we’re heading down to
57 that’s the latest closed or open crossover 57 yep Margaret is not happy with me
because we’re going to walk so far all right update we’re going to cut through
on 54 so we didn’t have to walk all the way down to 57 and so now we’re trying
to find our family big city lots of people get all these people excuse me
yes we’re currently walking down Fifth
Avenue and it’s pretty crazy we made it and you know who’s mad later
that evening after our tour of Central Park which you should subscribe to come
back and check that out we were trying to get back into our hotel room the
security was crazy look at the amount of people that were waiting on the street
we have to get police escort back

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  1. I can't imagine being caught up in the chaos of that and it must be even more chaotic trying to get in or out! Was it all worth it?

  2. Last time I went it was in 2010. Yes I know how crowded it was. That's why I never want to come there for New years lol… Also I was prepared I had wear some men diaper because it hard go to bathroom which were stuck standing LMAO…..

  3. Happy New Year, y'all! ☕🎉 I really like the way you did this edit using first person, selfie stuff and photos to bring the whole thing together. My daughter is a new years eve baby so for her sweet 16 we're taking her and her friends to times square for the ball drop. Great stuff…

  4. That is a zoo! I don't think I would ever want to do that although a trip to NYC. I wonder if anyone is in charge of all that confetti and if so, how they release it.

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