Celebrating 25 Years of National Service

25 years ago bound by a legacy of
service we came together to focus on a singular idea that by working together
we would harness our skills and talents to make a difference in people’s lives
we knew that by investing in a child’s future we would open a world of endless
possibility that after hurricane force winds destroyed our cities and our towns
we would help to rebuild that connecting people with jobs and education would
lead to stronger families and healthier communities that providing resources to
nonprofits that share in our mission would strengthen their work and help
them grow and that a simple act of being a friend or a companion would help
a senior live an independent life it was an idea that resonated and grew
today there are some 300,000 AmeriCorps and Senior Corps volunteers working
side-by-side with teachers, nonprofits, police departments, community leaders,
Park Rangers and veterans to educate rebuild protect and grow communities all
across our country one idea countless acts of service and a future
with infinite possibilities.

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