Celebrating 30 Years: Alabama Pest Control Association

[music] Mr. Butch Cauthen, how you doing? I’m doing great. How are you? I’m good. I’m glad to be here. We’re here at the Alabama Pest Control
Association meeting and this is a special year for APCA.
– Yes, this is our 30th year at the Auburn Conference Center.
I received a 30-year pin this morning from the general manager,
and they give the pin only to employees, but they broke ranks
and gave it to one of their customers. You got a special pin.
– Right. Associations provide a lot
of benefits to pest management professionals. Can you tell me a
little bit about some of the things that the Alabama Pest Control
Association does for its members? We have this meeting, our fall – our winter workshop that we put on every year here at the Auburn Conference Center,
and then we have our summer meeting in June at the Perdido
Beach Resort.
– Right. Which we’ve been there for 29 years,
I think, now.
– Okay And we also have a workshop that we do
the first week in October where we start in Decatur, go from
there to Bessemer, Montgomery, to Enterprise and then on to
– Kinda like a road show. Right.
– Yeah.
It’s our fall road show. If you’re a member of the Association, you can bring all your employees to the workshop and it’s free to everyone.
– That’s wonderful. Well, thank you so much for talking with
me for a little bit, sharing about the Association and 30
years of the Alabama Pest Control Association. Thank you. [music]

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