Celebrating 30 years of Jazz FM – Nigel Williams at the UK ARIAs 2020

How did you feel to be nominated this
evening in the Best Music Presenter category? [Nigel] I am I’ve got to say absolutely
elated I had no idea that Jazz FM were going to put me in for this category and
I just got a call, I was sat on the couch and how does it feel to be nominated and
really a big wave of emotion lovely I mean I’ve been in the game for a long a
long time and so it feels particularly good. So talking of radio, what do
you think the role of Radio, particularly Jazz FM… has it changed for artists in 2020 has
it changed over the years? [Nigel] Very much so strangely enough today we’re celebrating our 30th anniversary and Jazz FM was the first what was called incremental radio
stations so first radio station that didn’t play a broad range of music they
played a specific range of music in jazz, soul and blues and it kind of showed
that you could get an audience for a specific thing you didn’t mean to say
that people would turn their back on other types of music so we’ve been able
to super serve for many years and as time has gone by that’s actually proven
to be the right way to go, is that you find your audience you super serve them. What are your thoughts on the health of UK jazz at the moment? [Nigel] It’s in a very good place right now, five years ago was on the way up now we’re seeing some
fantastic artists that have embraced their their background you are very
lucky in the UK to have people from all over the world who embraced the whole idea of improvisation that there is in jazz but brought their own roots to it, not necessarily quite so bogged down by the American roots if you like where they
have to be loyal to this history that we have we have,
Jamaican, African roots and they’re they’re putting their improvisations
around that and bringing their real lives to it so I think it’s in a great
place and in fact strangely enough a lot of our artists are going to the US and
saying well how about this and bringing in some new ideas, so I think it’s in a
fabulous place. What are your top tips for emerging jazz artists, writers and composers? [Nigel] I would say certainly be true to yourself
so certainly be inspired by other artists but try and find something deep
in yourself it’s like any creative process really, take in what’s
around you and then try and come up with something original and then after that
embrace the modern world that has social media, a great diverse range of media and put it out there in as many places as you possibly can and the other thing I would say is keep control of your own material as much as you possibly can.
Don’t sign it away.

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