Celebrating 40 Years of The Kennedy Center Honors

Each year since 1978,
the Kennedy Center Honors have served as a moment for
our nation to celebrate the contributions and careers of artists who have
left an indelible mark on our shared American
culture and character. Leading performers from Hollywood,
Broadway, music, opera, and dance salute the honorees with
performances and moving tributes from the Kennedy Center’s
Opera House stage. From George Balanchine to Bob Dylan,
the changing face of Honors across four decades reflects our
ever-changing and broad cultural landscape. I wouldn’t have a job
if it wasn’t for you. Our world is richer because
you are part of it. Thank you. The many colors of the rainbow
ribbon worn by the honorees represent the spectrum of artists who
have worn it and the many ways we express ourselves
as a nation. From opera to Hollywood, from classical to rock and roll, all honorees tell a story about
who we are and the art that we share. Yesterday’s rebels and outsiders
have become today’s honorees celebrated for their influence
and contributions to arts. The Honors is known for big surprises
and one-of-a-kind collaborations. Ladies and gentleman,
Willie’s bus and his friend,
Kris Kristofferson. On the road again. I just can’t wait
to get on the road again. Groovy ruby jazzy funky
pounce bounce dance as we dip in the melodic scene, the
rhythm keeps flowing and it drifts to MC. I got fifty cents more
than I’m gonna keep. Let the good times roll. We witnessed emotional
moments on stage and in the audience. One generation of artists who take the
stage to pay homage to their heroes become the inspiration
to tomorrow’s great artists. These artists have graced our stages,
graced our lives, and graced our history. This is the Kennedy Center Honors.

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  1. Kiváló, nagyszerű hírességek színe-java,….. fantasztikus lenne mindezt élőben látni, mivel már így is, a társaság fele sajnos nem él, de újraélni a pillanat nagyszerűségét egy feledhetetlen élmény, mindannyiunk számára.

  2. I have loved this program for many years, and I especially like the surprise collaborations for the music honorees. What a great show every year; I was a little disappointed it got low ratings this year, and what a line up of people this time! LL, Lionel and Gloria – great artists and so deserving. Congratulations to all.

  3. Of all the honorees, Julie Andrews tribute was the most beautiful & celebrated so fine, speaks volumes of the legend she is & her prestigious world class artistry!❤️

  4. When are they going to honour Mick and Keith? At least as important as Led Zep in bringing attention to the blues in the USA or any other artist. As well as a 50+ year career writing and performing unforgettable music.
    I guess their bad boy personas make that impossible.

  5. This was a great show even if I did not know much about all the Honorees It is at least interesting to note that trump was NOT there and presumably not invited

  6. "Believe" sang by Adam Lambert to Cher should be in your playlist. It was one of the most amazing moments in all these years too. So original and unforgettable.

  7. Kennedy Center Honors drinking game:
    – Take a sip for if they find a way to include a gospel chorus at some point
    – Take a sip if they bring on soldiers or policemen
    – Take a sip when they truly have no idea what to do for a film person without much music to work with

  8. Everyone should watch this, and keep watching every year. Some of the best performances ever are done in tribute to these wonderful people!

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