Celebrating 50 Years: Downtown’s First 10

(inspirational music) (intense music) – The UTSA Downtown
Campus is destined to make a lasting contribution to the
renaissance of this section of San Antonio’s downtown,
and more important, however, is the future impact this campus will have on thousands of students
who otherwise might not have had the opportunity to realize their dreams of seeking a college degree. – Clearly, the UTSA Downtown Campus is a critical component of this mission. As we continue to develop
the University Of Texas at San Antonio, we must
remain ever mindful that the university is a vital part of the entire fabric of our community, helping the whole
community to move forward. – Today, we are here to
celebrate not only the presence of this beautiful campus
in downtown San Antonio, which I guarantee you is
going to change the face of this community forever,
but we also are here to celebrate the fact that
we have scholarship dollars to provide to students
so that they may access the very fine education that
we are going to provide them at UTSA, and so I’d like
to announce to you all that today, the Downtown
Scholarship Initiative for the campus of UTSA Downtown has raised over $1 million dollars. – Your view will change. Students, your view will include that of a beacon of hope, of light, of opportunity for your future, and your future is our future. A building, a campus, an
institution of quality that represents equal
opportunity for success. – But something else
that I am getting at UTSA that will also remain with me for life, and that is my education,
a college degree. Though being of UTSA Downtown
to ever growing number of courses and degree
programs is making it possible for me and many students
like me to receive a quality college
education closer to home, less time commuting to campus
means more time for our studies, more time for our jobs,
and more time for families. On behalf of all those students
attending UTSA Downtown, and those who will pursue degrees
here in the years to come, I want to thank UTSA, the
University of Texas system and border regents, the
Texas State Legislature, the local business community, donors to the Downtown Scholarship
Initiative, and all those who have contributed in
some way to making the dream of a college degree come true. UTSA, welcome to the
neighborhood, and welcome home.

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